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Reshma Kewalramani curates

Reshma Kewalramani’s Book Picks

The CEO of Vertex shared three of her favorite reads with us.

Reshma Kewalramani’s Book Picks FigureReshma Kewalramani’s Book Picks Figure

Fable Editorial curates

The Great Valentine’s Day Countdown

We’re counting down to Valentine’s with a new romance book recommendation every day.

The Great Valentine’s Day Countdown FigureThe Great Valentine’s Day Countdown Figure

Alex Temblador curates

Author’s Inspiration

The author of “Half Outlaw” shares the books that inspired her novel, all of which feature diverse female protagonists—and many of whom ride motorcycles.

Author’s Inspiration FigureAuthor’s Inspiration Figure

The New Yorker curates

The Best Books of 2022

The New Yorker’s celebrated editors have shared their favorite books of the year.

The Best Books of 2022 FigureThe Best Books of 2022 Figure

Tembe Denton-Hurst curates

Space on the Page

The “Strategist” culture writer shares her favorite novels centering queer Black women.

Space on the Page FigureSpace on the Page Figure

@LiteraryLesbian curates

Unapologetically Queer YA

The popular BookTok personality shares their top LGBTQ+ young adult picks.

Unapologetically Queer YA FigureUnapologetically Queer YA Figure

Arianna Huffington curates

Arianna Huffington’s Book Picks

The founder and CEO of Thrive Global shares a few of her favorite recent reads.

Arianna Huffington’s Book Picks FigureArianna Huffington’s Book Picks Figure

Fable Editorial curates

Editors’ Picks: October

The Fable editorial teams shares the new books they’re reading and loving.

Editors’ Picks: October FigureEditors’ Picks: October Figure

Hayley Dennings curates

Books With Bisexual Representation

For Bisexual Awareness Week, Hayley Dennings shares a few of her favorite books featuring bisexual characters.

Books With Bisexual Representation FigureBooks With Bisexual Representation Figure

Fable Editorial curates

Editors’ Picks: September

The Fable editorial teams shares the new books they’re reading and loving.

Editors’ Picks: September FigureEditors’ Picks: September Figure

Robin Marty curates

Post-Roe Reading

The author of “Handbook for a Post-Roe America” shares a reading list for those concerned about women’s equality.

Post-Roe Reading FigurePost-Roe Reading Figure

Satya Nadella curates

Satya Nadella’s Favorite Books

The Microsoft CEO and Chairman shares some of his favorite insightful reads about learning from the past and building for the future.

Satya Nadella’s Favorite Books FigureSatya Nadella’s Favorite Books Figure

Indra Nooyi curates

Indra Nooyi’s Favorite Books

The former CEO of PepsiCo shares her favorite books that cover both the personal and the professional.

Indra Nooyi’s Favorite Books FigureIndra Nooyi’s Favorite Books Figure

Sundar Pichai curates

Sundar Pichai’s Favorite Books

The CEO of Google and Alphabet shares books to inspire creativity and vision.

Sundar Pichai’s Favorite Books FigureSundar Pichai’s Favorite Books Figure

Beth Ford curates

Beth Ford’s Favorite Books

The Land O’Lakes CEO shares books that emphasize fortitude, character, and resilience in challenging times.

Beth Ford’s Favorite Books FigureBeth Ford’s Favorite Books Figure

Raja Rajamannar curates

Raja Rajamannar’s Top Books

Mastercard’s CMO shares great books on the new technologies and innovations most important to marketers.

Raja Rajamannar’s Top Books FigureRaja Rajamannar’s Top Books Figure

Carmine Di Sibio curates

Carmine Di Sibio’s Top Books

The CEO of EY shares books that embrace humor, positivity, and purpose in leadership.

Carmine Di Sibio’s Top Books FigureCarmine Di Sibio’s Top Books Figure

Revathi Advaithi curates

Revathi Advaithi’s Favorite Books

The CEO of Flex shares the books that changed her perspective.

Revathi Advaithi’s Favorite Books FigureRevathi Advaithi’s Favorite Books Figure

Voice of Witness curates

Essential Oral Histories

The nonprofit shares four vital oral history books to amplify the voices of marginalized communities.

Essential Oral Histories FigureEssential Oral Histories Figure

Kim Scott curates

Fighting Tyranny

Kim Scott shares books that track the rise of tyranny, from an instinct for control to catastrophic totalitarianism in Russia, Germany, and the US.

Fighting Tyranny FigureFighting Tyranny Figure

Friends & Fiction curates

Read with Friends & Fiction

The friends and authors recommend novels of thoughtful escapism as the temperature begins to rise.

Read with Friends & Fiction FigureRead with Friends & Fiction Figure

Momma Cusses curates

Intentional Parenting

Comedian, beloved TikTok creator, and “The Parenting Unexpert” Gwenna Laithland shares books that inspire her as a parent.

Intentional Parenting FigureIntentional Parenting Figure

Anthony Doerr curates

Anthony Doerr’s Recommendations

The author of “All the Light We Cannot See” and “Cloud Cuckoo Land” shares a few of his favorite books.

Anthony Doerr’s Recommendations FigureAnthony Doerr’s Recommendations Figure
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