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The Perfumist of Paris

By Alka Joshi
The Perfumist of Paris by Alka Joshi digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

"A stunning portrait of a woman blossoming into her full power…this is Alka Joshi's best book yet!” —Kate Quinn, New York Times bestselling author of The Diamond Eye

From the author of Reese's Book Club Pick The Henna Artist, the final chapter in Alka Joshi’s New York Times bestselling Jaipur trilogy takes readers to 1970s Paris, where Radha’s budding career as a perfumer must compete with the demands of her family and the secrets of her past.

Paris, 1974. Radha is now living in Paris with her husband, Pierre, and their two daughters. She still grieves for the baby boy she gave up years ago, when she was only a child herself, but she loves being a mother to her daughters, and she’s finally found her passion—the treasure trove of scents.

She has an exciting and challenging position working for a master perfumer, helping to design completely new fragrances for clients and building her career one scent at a time. She only wishes Pierre could understand her need to work. She feels his frustration, but she can’t give up this thing that drives her.

Tasked with her first major project, Radha travels to India, where she enlists the help of her sister, Lakshmi, and the courtesans of Agra—women who use the power of fragrance to seduce, tease and entice. She’s on the cusp of a breakthrough when she finds out the son she never told her husband about is heading to Paris to find her—upending her carefully managed world and threatening to destroy a vulnerable marriage.

The Jaipur Trilogy

Book 1: The Henna Artist
Book 2: The Secret Keeper of Jaipur
Book 3: The Perfumist of Paris

21 Reviews

Slightly Smiling Face“I really enjoyed the ending of this series - I found Radha to be equally as frustrating as I did in the henna artist, but enjoyed seeing her cHaracter development- even if it was in the last 20 pages. Really enjoyed the perfume knowledge as well”
Reviewed in:B&N 2023 Challenge
Characters change and growDiverse charactersMorally ambiguousMulti-layered characters
Slightly Smiling Face“I really enjoyed this third book of the trilogy and am sad that the series has ended - or has it?? I have enjoyed each of the books and have learned so much. What I enjoyed so much is the tenderness and loving way in which we become a part of each book.”
Believable charactersCharacters change and growDiverse charactersMulti-layered characters
Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes“What a beautiful tender story of a woman, her passion and doing what is right for her children while still finding her own happiness and fulfillment. Absolutely loved ❤️.”
Believable charactersCharacters change and growBeautifully writtenBeautiful settingImmersive settingThought-provoking
“3.75-4 stars. This book was a great ending to the trilogy but I didn't enjoy it as much as the other books. It's about Radha, the younger sister of Lakshmi. She is now married to her husband Pierre who's an architect and they have two young daughters, Shanti and Asha. She is also a perfumist and her dream is to become a master perfumist. However there is tension between her and Pierre as he dosen't understand why Radha works full-time when he thinks she should be looking after the girls and doing the things that he believes a wife should do. But Radha loves her job, even though she finds guilty sometimes about the times that she's not spending with her daughters. She still is the main caretaker of them and she doesn't understand why Pierre can't be happy that she has found a passion in life. Radha soon finds that she's getting a huge promotion from her boss Delphine, who is a master perfumer. She has to find the perfect scent for the artist Olympia (her real name was Victorine) who was painted by another famous artist, Monet. She soon realises that she won't be able to find it in France (where she lives) and that she needs to go back to her home country, India to do so. Delphine agrees to let her go there as a work trip but this causes further tension between her and Pierre. However Radha goes to India anyway and she soon reunites with Lakshmi, her sister. Lakshmi introduces her to the courtesans of Agra, who she thinks will help Radha find the scent that she needs. Hazi, who is one of the courtesans soon helps her find it and before long Radha is returning to Paris (which is where she lives in France). But things are still tense between her and Pierre and she doesn't know how to fix it. She is also reeling from finding out in Agra that her firstborn child, her son Nikki who she gave birth to at just 13 and who she also gave up for adoption is in Paris and is currently trying to find her. I really enjoyed this book but I don't think it was as good as the other two books. It still gave the series a great ending but I wanted a bit more from it. However it was still a great read and I would still highly recommend it.”

About Alka Joshi

Born in India and raised in the U.S. since she was nine, Alka Joshi has a BA from Stanford University and an MFA from California College of Arts. Joshi's debut novel, The Henna Artist,  immediately became a NYT bestseller, a Reese Witherspoon Bookclub pick, was Longlisted for the Center for Fiction First Novel Prize, & is in development as a TV series. Her second novel, The Secret Keeper of Jaipur (2021), will be followed by a third in 2023.

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