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The Enchanted April

By Elizabeth Von Arnim
The Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Arnim digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

"The Enchanted April" is the story of four women who spend a month vacationing in Italy at the Tuscan Villa, San Salvatore. Together these women rent an Italian castle on the Mediterranean coast and experience a reawakening in life through their shared experiences there. Readers will delight in reading "The Enchanted April," a truly inspiring tale and one of Elizabeth Von Arnim's best.

39 Reviews

Slightly Smiling Face“I originally intended to read this book over my birthday weekend, but I ended up leaving it for two weeks! Anyways, it was a great read to have for the summer.”
Characters change and growBeautifully writtenDescriptive writing
Thumbs Up“The book started really well and I truly enjoyed the first few chapters. Unfortunately, the ending was very disappointing. It felt rushed, unfinished. Von Arnim could have explored the characters experiences a little further before abruptly ending the book. Overall, the book was okay! It won’t be ranked as one of my favourites.”
Characters change and growBeautifully writtenHeartbreakingRushed ending
Slightly Smiling Face“I really enjoyed reading this book. The descriptions took me to Italy. Although it was magical, the ending was rushed especially Lady Caroline's. I wanted her to discover herself like Lotty. Mr. Briggs and Lady Caroline didn't match in my opinion but the book in general was great.”
Characters change and growCuteMulti-layered charactersBeautifully writtenPoeticWhimsicalBeautiful settingDescriptiveEnchantingFeel good
Thinking Face“Instead of evolving, I feel as if characters were diluting with each page, and the story ends up being quite cheesy, to the point that the ending does not really make sense but seems to be written like that just to fit in the "happy ever after" ending at all costs. Despite this, I enjoyed some parts of it and I really liked how we could see the point of view of the house employees here and there.”
Beautifully writtenFlowery
Slightly Smiling Face“I absolutely adored the first chapters in which the trip was arranged - Lottie’s and Rose’s excitement was truly contagious haha as it got me planning my own trips for summer break :) I’ve had fun observing characters’ sudden awakenings/reflections after removing themselves from their normal lives. yes, the ending felt rushed and incomplete so I couldn’t take it seriously. But I do imagine things resolving further after the curtain closed …”
Believable charactersColorful personalitiesLikable charactersRelatable charactersBeautifully writtenEasy to readFloweryBeautiful settingDescriptive

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