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That Time I Got Drunk and Yeeted a Love Potion at a Werewolf

By Kimberly Lemming
That Time I Got Drunk and Yeeted a Love Potion at a Werewolf by Kimberly Lemming digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

Cheesemaker Brie has the world’s worst luck in love, which is how she ends up falling for a lactose intolerant werewolf, in this raunchy, laugh-out-loud rom-com fantasy by the genre’s freshest new voice, Kimberly Lemming.
Brie’s never been particularly coordinated…or lucky. Who else would accidentally throw a drink at someone’s head only to miss entirely and hit a stranger behind them? And who else would have that stranger fall madly in love with them because it turns out that the drink she threw was a love potion? Yeah, probably just Brie.…
Running her cheese business and dealing with a pirate ship full of demons that just moved into town was hard enough. Now on top of it, she has to convince a werewolf that she’s not really his fated mate. Though even she’s got to admit…having a gorgeous man show up and do all her chores while telling her she’s beautiful isn’t the worst thing to happen to a girl.

790 Reviews

Thinking Face
Likable charactersEasy to readFunny writingFast-pacedMagical settingComicalRomanticUnsatisfying plot
Slightly Smiling Face“I liked this way better than the first. Felix is such a cutey and so is Brie. It was nice having some plot in there and getting Felix pov. I laughed so much with them and understanding where Brie was coming from with her feelings. Felix trying to fight his urges and making sure she was alright with him and asking consent. Love him. It was since getting introduced to new characters and learning more about the goddess from the first book. I can't wait to read Dante story. I hope we get to read more about Brie and Felix and Cinn and Fallon. Which it was nice seeing Cinn and Fallon being a married couple. So cute”
Easy to readMagical setting
Rolling on the Floor Laughing Face“Loved this second of the Mead Mishaps series. Might actually liked it better than the first, with how the romance with these characters was written. The plot worked a bit better with the first, though it was nice to read the continuation of the firsts plot. Love grumpy and sunshine characters who fall for each other; especially with HIM being the sunshine one. The Brie defeated the main baddy? I’m still cackling. So creative and in character for how the book was going before that moment. This books humor felt more realistic. Also, a talking sword is always amazing.”
Diverse charactersLikable charactersEasy to readAddictiveFast-pacedMagical settingDarkRomanticMisogyny

About Kimberly Lemming

Kimberly Lemming is on an eternal quest to avoid her calling as a main character. She can be found giving the slip to that new werewolf that just blew into town and refusing to make eye contact with a prince of a far-off land. Dodging aliens looking for Earth booty can really take up a girl's time.

But when she’s not running from fate, she can be found writing diverse fantasy romance. Or just shoveling chocolate in her maw until she passes out on the couch.

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