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Say You Swear

By Meagan Brandy
Say You Swear by Meagan Brandy digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

A College Romance...

For years, I’ve dreamt of what college life could bring and while some things changed, there was always one constant.
It didn’t matter how wild I allowed my imagination to run, it always led me to the same place in the end.

It led me to him.
My future was clear, and he was it.

Until suddenly ... he wasn’t.

Now I’m a shell of who I was, on a path too blurry to follow, and I see no way out.
No way up.

They say first loves last forever.
That’s exactly what I’m afraid of.

477 Reviews

Slightly Smiling Face“I had to remind myself a lot that these characters are in college and young. There was just so much going on I feel like it could’ve ended halfway and then a whole other book with the accident. I just was ready to finish by 60% through and then it just took forever. A good idea, and I did love Noah, I just am not a fan of the miscommunication trope and this was so much. So. Exhausting.”
Characters change and growMulti-layered charactersDescriptive writingThought-provokingToo long
Slightly Smiling Face“I have mixed feelings on this book lol. I felt like it took so long for something to finally happen! The friend group was mad annoying the first half but once Noah took over it wasn’t so bad. I liked how it ended, but I would have liked to know what happened to the other friends, it would have been nice to know more about Cam and Trey throughout the book. I think I would enjoy this more as a Netflix series 😅”
Loudly Crying Face“♾️⭐️ this book always have a special place in my heart 🥹 definitely one of my top reads this year. i literally had a dream about this book and i can’t stop thinking about it 🧚🏻‍♀️ i ate this book up sm! i went into this blind just hearing it would make you cry but i was not expecting to be such an emotional rollercoaster 🎢 Noah Riley is the best golden retriever boy you could ever ask for!! he is more than a book boyfriend that man is a book husband <3 “say you swear” “i swear” 🥹🥹”
Beautifully writtenHeartbreakingTragicTwistyUnpredictableHeartbreakingLightheartedMade me cry
Thinking Face“this book is kinda hard for me to rate.. i had a hard time getting into it - i didn’t wanna pick it up again after reading the first 10 chapters. i didn’t like the dialogue between the characters as it felt too high school-y for me. however after about the half way mark, the plot picked up and i can honestly say i liked the storyline. also, i discovered that i’m not a fan of the whole amnesia trope as it made my heart hurt for noah. would probably give it 2.5 ⭐️ but noah’s character bumped it up.”
Thinking Face“I’m giving this book a 3 out of 5 for 3 reasons. 1.) Too much teenage talk. I doubt collage kids talk that way. Also was the cussing necessary? 2.) It was very hard to get into it. Half the book dragged on and was so boring until chapter 25. 3.) The last sex scene was definitely not necessary. Ruined the whole “end of the book feels” for me. I wanted to read a romantic chapter where he proclaims his love to her and asks her to marry him. That scene was so cringe, I skimmed most of it……”

About Meagan Brandy

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