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Reading with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift continues to feed us with yet another new rerecording, this time of her fifth studio album, “1989,” and it’s just as good as we remember. In a handwritten note shared via Instagram, she announced that this album changed her life. “This moment is a reflection of the woods we wandered through and all this love between us glowing through the darkest dark.” “1989” is a continuation of the lyrical genius and vulnerability that has fans always coming back. It’s a bittersweet collage about self discovery, falling in love, and growing up in the public eye. Here are the books that remind us of our favorite songs from “1989.”
“Slut!” (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault) 
“Got love struck, went straight to my head. Got lovesick all over my bed.” Easily my favorite song off the album, “Slut!” embodies the difficulties of a woman trying to find a partner. “A Study in Drowning” by Ava ReidEffy Sayre is the only female at the architecture university for architecture, making her a target for vicious and cruel behavior from both her professors and fellow students. Part historical fantasy, part rivals to lovers romance, part Gothic mystery, Effy is tasked with remodeling her favorite author’s debilitated estate in this haunting, dreamlike book. 
“Clean” (Taylor’s Version) 
“You're still all over me like a wine stained dress I can't wear anymore”“Evil Eye” by Etaf Rum A moving and complicated mother daughter drama of a young Palestinian American woman who looks at the lasting effects of intergenerational trauma and what it takes to break the cycle of abuse.
“Style” (Taylor’s Version) 
“And when we go crashing down, we come back every time. Cause we never go out of style”The urge to recommend “After” is strong. But I’ll refrain for now. But that doesn’t mean I can’t choose another book based on a Harry Styles fanfiction, haha! “The Idea of You” by Robinne Lee. To quote Vogue, “There is no escapism like reading about a nearly middle aged woman embarking on a glittering, global love affair with a thoughtful young sex god. It's electric, triumphant to read."
“Wildest Dreams” (Taylor’s Version)
“He's so tall and handsome as hell. He's so bad, but he does it so well.” “One Dark Window” by Rachel GilligFor fans of “Uprooted” and “For the Wolf” comes a dark, gothic fantasy romance about a maiden who must unleash the monster within to save her kingdom, but the monster in her head isn't the only threat lurking.
“You are in Love” (Taylor’s Version) 
“No proof, one touch, but you felt enough”This song could have been the blueprint for “Talking at Night” by Claire Daverely. Will and Rosie are opposites in every way and yet they fall for each other as teenagers; nineties music, sideways glances, sunsets and bonfires and talking late into the night. Until one day, tragedy strikes, and any possibility of being together seems to shatter. But time and again, Rosie and Will find their way back to each other. Though the years pass, they cannot quite let go of what might have been.
A Study in Drowning by Ava Reid digital book - Fable

A Study in Drowning

By Ava Reid

Bestselling author Ava Reid makes her YA debut in this dark academic fantasy perfect for fans of Melissa Albert and Elana K. Arnold.

Evil Eye by Etaf Rum digital book - Fable

Evil Eye

By Etaf Rum

The acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of A Woman Is No Man returns with a striking exploration of the expectations of Palestinian-American women, the meaning of a fulfilling life, and the ways our unresolved pasts affect our presents.

The Idea of You  by Robinne Lee digital book - Fable

The Idea of You

By Robinne Lee

The last thing Solène expects is to make a connection with one of the members of the world-famous August Moon.

One Dark Window by Rachel Gillig digital book - Fable

One Dark Window

By Rachel Gillig

Elspeth Spindle needs more than luck to stay safe in the eerie, mist-locked kingdom she calls home—she needs a monster.

Talking at Night by Claire Daverley digital book - Fable

Talking at Night

By Claire Daverley

Talking at Night tells a story of sudden connections, missed opportunities, the many loves we have over a lifetime--and the one that keeps us coming back, again and again, for more.

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