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Paris Hilton’s life has been filled with opportunities most of us can only dream of, but her brand new memoir reveals the unimaginable struggles she has overcome in her life. Now you can read “Paris: The Memoir” with Paris herself, only on Fable!“This memoir took me on a roller coaster of emotions,” writes Fable reader Laur. “It was five stars in my eyes because, wow, my jaw was on the floor for most of this book. Continue to speak your truth, queen!”
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What’s the Paris Hilton memoir about?

Paris Hilton’s early life was filled with privilege and wealth, but she survived several difficult chapters, including a harrowing experience at boarding school that left lasting marks. Paris wrote about how this traumatic time inspired her to make a difference in her book club commentary on Fable. Despite the chaos in her life, Hilton forged ahead and became a successful model, actress, and businesswoman.

"Now, I’ve never been happier. And I really want my fans and the world to see that I’m starting a new chapter in my life, as the fearless change-maker, entrepreneur, wife and mother that I am. I’m an open book; I’ve put it all out there, I have nothing to hide."

Readers love this peek behind the curtain at Paris’ life. “This is such a wonderful book where Paris shares so much with the world,” wrote Fable reader Pammy in her book review. “Such a beautiful soul with a big heart. She has been through so much, and she is so brave for sharing her story. I’m so proud of her. Love her so much.”

Paris Hilton’s new life

Once you finish reading the memoir, you can watch Paris Hilton’s personal documentary. She put the whole film online, hoping to share her message more widely with readers and viewers. Hilton has emerged as a stalwart advocate for institutional reform, bringing her personal experience to the platform. Her various business ventures, including her fragrance line, clothing, accessories, hotels, and DJing, demonstrate her true worth.She also takes us behind the scenes of her journey to getting married to Carter Reum, giving us a glimpse of everything from the planning to the wedding hosted in one of Paris’ fondest places from childhood.“I’m so proud of my love story with Carter, and even more excited that it’s just beginning. My next chapter as a wife and mother is going to be the best yet,” she told her book club.

Paris Hilton Quotes

Paris Hilton’s memoir is an emotional roller-coaster that exposes her vulnerability, resilience, and inspiring journey of self-discovery. Keep reading to discover some great quotes from her life!

"True sophistication is the ability to fit in anywhere because you have a broad understanding of and respect for all kinds of people."-- Paris Hilton

“Don’t waste energy living a life someone else designed for you. Life is one per customer. Let them do theirs. You do yours.”-- Paris Hilton

"I urge you to help us survivors make sure no more children suffer at the hands of this systemically abusive institution and the countless others whose doors are open today."-- Paris Hilton

Traveling the world is the best education there is."-- Paris Hilton

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