Discussion on mental wellness with Omar Dawood, Chief Medical Officer at Calm

By Padma Warrior Oct 9 2020
Listen to Omar talk about mental fitness and how we can train our mind to cope with anxiety. He stresses the importance of slowing down occasionally so we can gather momentum when we need to.
About The Speaker
Omar Dawood
Omar Dawood is a clinician and stage IV cancer survivor with over 25 years of senior management, medical research and clinical experience, innovating medical devices and digital health products as a senior executive. He is currently the Chief Medical Officer and Head of Sales for Calm. Omar is passionate about helping people around the globe lead healthier, happier lives by building resilience through better sleep and improved mindfulness. Over the past 2 decades, Omar has held senior executive and senior advisory positions with a spectrum of healthcare companies, including Ginger, Accuray, Kona Medical, AliveCor and Samsung, leading transformative change and disruptive innovation across a number of healthcare segments. Omar has been honored as both a Howard Hughes and a National Cancer Institute Research Scholar and was named the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 2010 Silicon Valley Man of the Year for his leadership of national fundraising efforts supporting cancer research.
By Padma Warrior

Padmasree Warrior is the Founder, CEO and President of Fable Group Inc., a curated reading platform focused on mental wellness. She also serves on the board of directors of Microsoft and Spotify.

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