Learn about leadership and managing stress with Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio

By Padma Warrior Oct 9 2020
Jeff emphasizes the importance of being human as a leader. He shares key learnings from his personal growth, from a developer to a highly successful global CEO. In addition, listen to him talk about what books he loves to read. Hope you find inspiration from Jeff’s journey.
About The Speaker
Jeff Lawson
Jeff Lawson is the founder and CEO of Twilio. A serial entrepreneur and a software developer, Jeff co-founded Twilio in 2008 to bring communications into the world of software. Prior to Twilio, Jeff was co-founder & CTO of NineStar, founding CTO of, co-founder, CEO & CTO of Versity and one of the first product managers for Amazon Web Services. Jeff grew up in Detroit, started his first company at age 12 doing event video production, DJ’d his way through college, and graduated from the University of Michigan. He is a father of two young boys, enjoys photography, and always makes time to hack on new software and hardware projects.
By Padma Warrior

Padmasree Warrior is the Founder, CEO and President of Fable Group Inc., a curated reading platform focused on mental wellness. She also serves on the board of directors of Microsoft and Spotify.

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