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How To Post Ratings and Reviews on Fable

Book Reviews
Just finished reading a book and have the urge to share your thoughts with the world? It's time to write your review! Here are some step-by-step instructions to write the best review on Fable.

Start your book review

There are two different places where you can start your review for a book - the first is in the “Reflection” section of your favorite Fable book club, and the second is on the book profile itself. 

Review a book via the “Reflection” section

To review a book after reading it with a club, just follow these simple steps (we've included a helpful illustration below! 1. Scroll to the bottom of the club page 2. Open the “Reflection” section. 3. Tap the "Rate" button. You'll see it in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, highlighted with a star. 4. Start writing your review! 

Review a book via the book profile page

If you want to review a book you've read on your own, follow these steps!1. Tap the "Bookstore" icon at the bottom of the screen in the Fable app.2. Search for the book you want to review and select it.3. Tap the "Rate" button below the book cover to rate and start reviewing the book!Two Ways To Review a book

Step-by-step: Make a book review on Fable

Once you've started to review a book, you can follow these steps to make use of all our rating and review features!
  1. Start with a star rating. My favorite part of this feature is that we have half-stars! Use the scroll bar at the bottom to select how many stars you want to give this book and click “next.”
  2. Choose an emoji. Pick a symbol that represents how the book made you feel. Scroll either to the left or right to find a bunch of emojis, ranging from “angry” from the far left to “heart eyes” at the far right. Click “Next” when you’ve selected your emoji!
  3. Pick your tags! Choose what you liked most about the characters, language & writing style, plot, setting, theme, and tone by selecting from the labels at your disposal. If there were things you didn’t like in the book, we’ve also got a tag section for that!
The Fable team has curated an ever-increasing number of tags to choose from, making your review as descriptive and accurate as possible. Tags can help refresh your memory when you look back on an old review and they’re also a great way to help others choose if they want to read this book. Book Review ScrollYour review, rating, and tags will help other Fable readers learn about the book and how it can make them feel! Finally, you can write your review! You can absolutely skip this part (just as you can skip any other part of the review process, but then you’re missing out on the fun of clicking all those pretty buttons). This is all up to your creativity. Write away!Hit save, and you’re all set!

Import your Goodreads book reviews

If you have reviews on Goodreads, adding them to your Fable reviews page only takes a few clicks!1. Tap the "Profile" icon on the lower right-hand corner of the Fable app.2. Tap the settings gear wheel in the upper right-hand corner of the screen3. Tap "Import Goodreads lists and reviews" in the "Settings" menu4. Follow the prompts to log into your Goodreads account5. Fable syncs your lists and reviews from Goodreads into your Fable profile (this usually doesn’t take too long, but you can leave the app and will receive a notification that the importation is complete via email!), and you’re all set! Happy reading and reviewing!Goodreads import

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