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Exploring the Fable For You Feature

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Welcome to Fable For You! My name is Eric, and I’m part of the product team here at Fable. I'm so excited to unveil this new feature for you. 

So, what exactly is Fable For You?

Fable For You is a place to have meaningful conversations about stories in a more open, unstructured, and personalized social feed. Fable’s new Home section of the app should feel familiar to the experience you’re used to on other social platforms.You’ll find an endless world of bookish content to explore—book lists, reviews, free-form thoughts, reading updates, suggested clubs, and more. You’ll see content from other readers you follow, those you don’t yet follow but may be interested in based on your similar or shared taste in books, and members of Fable’s editorial team. You can interact with content in your feed by liking and commenting to spark conversation and deepen the dialogue around interesting bookish topics. In the Fable For You feed, you can share your thoughts about whatever you’re reading, get inspired by other readers, stay updated on literary news and trends, and discover new book recommendations—all on one page of personalized suggestions. The new feed will be layered on top of the existing Fable experience, such that it will only enhance — rather than replace — the way you currently use Fable. 

Finding your Fable For You feed

It's easy to start exploring your personalized Fable For You feed on Fable. Once you download the Fable app to your smartphone or tablet, just follow these simple steps.1. Open the Fable app2. Tap the "Home" icon in the lower left-hand corner of your screen.3. Scroll through the stories curated just for you!4. Tap on the profile picture of anyone you meet in your Fable For You feed. Tap "Follow" to receive more book lists, club recommendations, reviews, and posts from that person!5. Tap the "+" icon in the lower right-hand corner of your Fable For You feed to create a public post. You can tag any one of the millions of books in our catalog to discuss!Home feed gif

This is just the beginning

This beta version of the For You feed is just the beginning—we’ll be continuously rolling out improvements and new features, including the ability to share quotes, photos, and more. We really value your ideas and opinions, so please email me with your feedback so we can continue to grow and improve the Fable experience for you. Thank you for being part of the Fable community!You can email me with any questions: eric [at] fable [dot] co

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