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Fiery Book Recommendations for Aries

We’re back with another round of Zodiac book recommendations! We’ve curated a list of compelling reads that are sure to resonate with the fiery spirit of the ram. From intense character-driven dramas to thought-provoking narratives, these books are bound to keep you engaged from cover to cover.You are an Aries if your birthday falls between March 21st and April 19th.

Book recommendations for Aires readers

“Bunny” by Mona Awad
Step into the surreal and captivating world of Samantha Heather Mackey, the protagonist of “Bunny” by Mona Awad. This darkly comedic novel follows Samantha, a graduate student at a prestigious MFA program, as she navigates the bizarre dynamics of her elite writing workshop. When Samantha receives an unexpected invitation to join a group of wealthy and enigmatic classmates known as “The Bunnies,” she finds herself drawn into a twisted and intoxicating friendship that challenges her perceptions of reality and identity. Awad's razor-sharp prose and incisive wit make “Bunny” a must-read for Aries who crave bold and boundary-pushing storytelling.
“TJ Powar Has Something to Prove” by Jasmeen Kaur Deo
In “TJ Powar Has Something to Prove,” debut author Jasmeen Kaur Deo delivers a powerful coming-of-age story that explores themes of identity, beauty, and self-discovery. The novel centers on TJ Powar, a high school debater who becomes the subject of an ugly meme because of her body hair. Instead of succumbing to the negative discourse about her, she resolves to stop shaving, waxing, and plucking everything in between. This will resonate with Aries, who value determination, resilience, and the pursuit of their dreams.
“Patron Saints of Nothing” by Randy Ribay
Randy Ribay's “Patron Saints of Nothing” is a gripping and timely exploration of identity, belonging, and the search for truth. The novel follows Jay Reguero, a Filipino-American teenager, as he grapples with the sudden death of his cousin, Jun, who was killed as part of President Duterte’s violent war on drugs in the Philippines. Determined to uncover the truth behind Jun's death, Jay travels to the Philippines, where he confronts his own privilege, biases, and cultural heritage. Ribay’s poignant storytelling and nuanced character development make “Patron Saints of Nothing” a compelling read for Aries who are drawn to stories that challenge conventions and provoke introspection.
“Yours Truly” by Abby Jimenez
For Aries who crave romance with a side of humor and heart, “Yours Truly” by Abby Jimenez is the perfect pick. The novel follows the story of Dr. Briana Ortiz. Her divorce is just about finalized, her brother’s running out of time to find a kidney donor, and that promotion she wants? Oh, that’s probably going to the new man-doctor who’s already registering eighty-friggin’-seven on Briana’s “pain in my ass” scale. But just when all systems are set to hate, Dr. Jacob Maddox completely flips the game… by sending Briana a letter. A really good letter that sparks a relationship of exchanging letters and sneaking in secret lunch dates in the OR. Jimenez’s witty dialogue and endearing characters make “Yours Truly” a delightful and uplifting read that will appeal to Aries' passion for love and adventure.Whether you’re in the mood for darkly comedic satire, poignant coming-of-age drama, thought-provoking social commentary, or heartwarming romance, there’s something on this list for every Aries reader to enjoy. So grab a copy, settle in, and prepare to be swept away by these captivating tales!
Bunny by Mona Awad digital book - Fable


By Mona Awad

As Samantha plunges deeper into the Bunnies' sinister yet saccharine world and takes part in their ritualistic "Workshop" where they conjure their monstrous creations, reality begins to blur. Soon, her friendships will be brought into deadly collision.

TJ Powar Has Something to Prove by Jesmeen Kaur Deo digital book - Fable

TJ Powar Has Something to Prove

By Jesmeen Kaur Deo

When TJ Powar—a pretty, popular debater—and her cousin Simran become the subject of a meme: with TJ being the “expectation” of dating an Indian girl and her Sikh cousin who does not remove her body hair being the “reality”—TJ decides to take a stand.

Patron Saints of Nothing  by Randy Ribay digital book - Fable

Patron Saints of Nothing

By Randy Ribay

A powerful coming-of-age story about grief, guilt, and the risks a Filipino-American teenager takes to uncover the truth about his cousin's murder.

Yours Truly  by Abby Jimenez digital book - Fable

Yours Truly

By Abby Jimenez

A novel of terrible first impressions, hilarious second chances, and the joy in finding your perfect match.

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