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Annotating One Dark Window

One Dark Window
I personally enjoy my books so much more when I annotate. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a stack of annotated books and flipping through the pages to find drawings, notes, tabs, and sometimes just some really random words. Creating a system with my tabs, choosing my pen and highlighter, making little drawings in the margins – it’s an experience by itself. You have to analyze to determine which tab to use, and so maybe you’ll find something you wouldn’t have even considered had you not been annotating. Not only that, but it is incredibly aesthetically pleasing.
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How Fable readers annotated One Dark Window

As part of a new series called “Annotation Highlights” on the Fable For You Feed, I choose a book every week and share some of its most annotated passages (without being too spoilery, of course). This week, we dove into “One Dark Window” by Rachel Gillig—one of my personal favorites. This is the first book in a duology; the second one came out just a few weeks ago!
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This book has all of my favorite elements: great world-building, thrilling fantasy, swoon-worthy romance, a broody morally gray MMC, some dark and twisted moments, and the perfect gothic vibes. Let’s see what readers on Fable have highlighted in this book.
The top highlighted quote is … 

“‘My magic moves,’ he said. ‘My magic bites. My magic soothes. My magic frights. You are young and not so bold. I am unflinching—five hundred years old.’”

The most tabbed quote is … 

“‘No, Miss Spindle,’ he said. ‘I’m not nice at all.’”

The quote that has the most reaction emojis is … 

“‘Of all the things I pretend at,’ he said, his thumb drawing small, gentle circles along my waist, ‘courting you has proven the easiest.’”

Doesn’t that make you want to start reading this duology ASAP??

How I started annotating

Annotating became such a huge part of my life after I launched my annotating kit in November of 2021 that I decided to create my own bookclub in May of 2022 that focuses primarily on annotating. In other words, annotating has made me enjoy reading so much more in the last year and I am beyond ecstatic to be able to share my love and knowledge of the practice with my followers and customers!
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