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Stories of Resilience

Curated by Diana Nyad

About the Curator
Diana Nyad is the only person to swim non-stop the 111 miles between Cuba and Florida. Diana has been inducted into several Halls of Fame, including the Women’s Sports Hall of Fame.

About the Folio

From fiction to nonfiction, a story of will and refusal to give in stirs in us the impetus to drill down to our own true grit. These six books I’ve chosen for my Folio are profound stories of courage, at a challenging time when many of us are reflecting on how to thrive and define ourselves by our highest life values. These are stories of extraordinary individuals, each one tapping into their ultimate potential, for either dire-straits survival or for the betterment of the world around them. We can all take inspiration from these characters into our own lives today.

Book selections

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Alfred Lansing

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By Alfred Lansing
Many seem to know the bones of the Shackleton story, a British adventurer and his crew who set off to become the first to walk across Antarctica in 1914. Yet this, Alfred Lansing’s 1959 dramatic rendering of the desperation and despair Shackleton and his crew suffered when their ship, the Endurance, was crushed, grabs your attention from the first page. Lansing’s ability to take us, our senses alarmed by the extreme conditions, deep into the world these twenty-eight men endured for an entire year, is all the more astounding when we consider the lack of possible communications from the forbidden Antarctic back in that day. Even with tales of modern alpine climbs and deep-sea exploration and forays into space, Endurance may still be the ultimate gold standard of all true survival stories.

Diana Nyad

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