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Short Story Masters

Curated by Mimi Lok

About the Curator
Mimi Lok is the author of the story collection “Last Of Her Name.” She is the winner of the 2020 PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize for debut short story collection and a Smithsonian Ingenuity Award.

About the Folio

A great short story is like a great song—it has the power to be an instant mood changer. My favorite story collections offer three things. One, the distinct pleasure of being immersed in multiple perspectives. Two, thoughtfully curated transitions: the lingering mood of one story affecting entry into the next. And three, the overall sense of discovery and progression—from the opener that sets the tone to a closer that resonates through the rest of the book, leaving you with an irrevocably altered set of eyes.

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By Bryan Washington
Washington is a brilliant world builder. Through these thirteen stories, all set in Houston, all pulsing with wit, vibrancy, and cinematic vividness, he takes the reader through myriad neighborhoods and the inner lives of its working-class inhabitants who “live and thrive and die.” Characters return throughout the collection–among them, hustlers, hurricane survivors, sex workers—and are rendered in all their complex humanity. But the book’s anchor is the young man we meet at the start of the book, and again over the course of several stories. The nameless protagonist wrestles with his identity as someone “too dark for the blancos, too Latin for the blacks,” and as a gay man, trying to hide his sexuality from his broken family. Through his, and the other characters’ stories, the city comes to life with vivid urgency and emotion.

Mimi Lok

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