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Charles de Lint



Charles de Lint pioneered the urban fantasy genre with critically acclaimed novels and stories set in and around the imaginary modern North American city of Newford: The Onion Girl, Moonheart, The Ivory and the Horn, and the collection Moonlight and Vines, for which he won the World Fantasy Award. Among de Lint's many other novels are Mulengro, Into the Green, and The Little Country.

Charles de Lint Books

The Coyote Road book cover

The Coyote Road

Ellen Datlow
The Faery Reel book cover

The Faery Reel

Ellen Datlow
The Green Man book cover

The Green Man

Ellen Datlow
Snow White, Blood Red book cover

Snow White, Blood Red

Ellen Datlow
Protectors 2: Heroes book cover

Protectors 2: Heroes

Andrew Vachss
Black Heart, Ivory Bones book cover

Black Heart, Ivory Bones

Ellen Datlow
Seven Wild Sisters book cover

Seven Wild Sisters

Charles de Lint
The Cats of Tanglewood Forest book cover

The Cats of Tanglewood Forest

Charles de Lint
Protectors: Stories to Benefit PROTECT book cover

Protectors: Stories to Benefit PROTECT

Andrew Vachss
The Painted Boy book cover

The Painted Boy

Charles de Lint
Muse and Reverie book cover

Muse and Reverie

Charles de Lint
The Mystery of Grace book cover

The Mystery of Grace

Charles de Lint
Widdershins book cover


Charles de Lint
Angel of Darkness book cover

Angel of Darkness

Charles de Lint
Tapping the Dream Tree book cover

Tapping the Dream Tree

Charles de Lint
I'll Be Watching You book cover

I'll Be Watching You

Charles de Lint
Moonlight & Vines book cover

Moonlight & Vines

Charles de Lint
Mulengro book cover


Charles de Lint
Spirits in the Wires book cover

Spirits in the Wires

Charles de Lint
Firebirds Rising book cover

Firebirds Rising

Sharyn November
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