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Millie 🩷

She/HerIn case you aren't aware, I love books.

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170 books

Did Not Finish

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BHM book display

23 books

2024 February TBR

8 books

Nostalgia who?

16 books

Millie's Mini Library Books We Read

20 books

2024 Complete books

11 books

POV: it's time to read sci-fi books after the Miami Aliens

5 books

Books I want to reread to annotate

3 books

Books I own but haven't read

10 books

Books I want to read To Understand the "world" better

6 books

Millie's 2024 Must Reads

27 books

Call Me When you Commit a Murder

5 books

Testing the Waters of Fantasy

5 books

My top 5 favorite fantasy books {As of 2023}

4 books

I'd sell my left pinky toe to read these books for the first time again

11 books

Books That Have A Female Main Character That I Swear Puts on Eyeliner with a Knife

11 books

Dark Academia Books

9 books
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