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Think Like a Developer

Curated by Jeff Lawson

About the Curator
Jeff Lawson is co-founder and CEO of Twilio, one of the world’s fastest growing technology companies. After leading Twilio’s 2016 IPO, he won the 2017 TechCrunch award for Founder of the Year, and graced the cover of Forbes magazine. His first book, “Ask Your Developer,” was released in January of 2021.

About the Folio

Good leadership, especially in tech, is more important now than maybe ever before. And good leadership means knowing when to listen, and who to listen to. These books have helped shape me as a leader at Twilio, and were inspirations as I wrote my new book, “Ask Your Developer.”

Book selections

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Made to Stick

Chip Heath

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Made to Stick

Made to Stick

By Chip Heath
Chip and Dan Heath — a professor at Stanford’s business school, and a teacher and textbook publisher, respectively — have written the definitive book on how to craft a compelling story. Communication is hugely important for leaders, whether you’re trying to bring on investors or inspire your team or craft an unforgettable tagline. This book is filled with actionable recommendations and fascinating examples and anecdotes — it’s the rare book that’s as entertaining to read as it is valuable. I tell every Twilio employee to read this book!

Jeff Lawson

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