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Success Through Diversity

Curated by Carol Fulp

About the Curator
Carol Fulp is a founder, CEO, public speaker, and strategic advisor on diversity, inclusion, and culture. She is the author of “Success Through Diversity: Why The Most Inclusive Companies Will Win.” Fulp has given talks at over a hundred organizations, including Google, McKinsey, and Harvard University.

About the Folio

Together the three books in my Folio capture the demographic shifts occurring in our society. There are now more students of color than Caucasians. And 2019 was the first year more women graduated from college than men. Given this workforce and marketplace shift, organizations must evolve their cultures to succeed in this new era.

Book selections

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The Conversation

Robert Livingston

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The Conversation

The Conversation

By Robert Livingston
In the wake of the social unrest of 2020 and the growing calls for racial justice, many business leaders and ordinary citizens are asking ‘How can I become part of the solution?’ “The Conversation” provides a compass for all those seeking to begin the work of anti-racism. It allows us to understand racism, why everyone should be more concerned about it, and what we can do to eradicate it.

Carol Fulp

Author and CEO
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