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Courage, Justice and Freedom FigureCourage, Justice and Freedom Figure

Courage, Justice and Freedom

Curated by Sarah Ladipo Manyika

About the Curator
Sarah is a novelist and essayist. She is the host of the Museum of African Diaspora Conversations Across the Diaspora series.

About the Folio

“The problem of the twentieth century” wrote W.E.B. Du Bois in 1903, “is the problem of the color line.” Tragically, this remains a defining problem for the twenty-first century as well. In order to understand how racial injustice and discrimination have so doggedly persisted, we must confront the past. Through masterful storytelling in novels, memoir, and works of history, this Folio brings us closer to what lies at the heart of the Black experience — both historically and in this moment.

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Toni Morrison

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By Toni Morrison
The Nobel Laureate’s tenth novel is a slim, multi-layered story featuring Frank Money, a Korean War veteran who has returned to America—ostensibly his home, but a nation under Jim Crow that does not welcome him. The historical backdrop to this story includes lynchings, forced migrations, medical malpractice, and redlining. Frank, like a modern-day Odysseus, journeys home to confront the ghosts of his nation’s past as well as his own. The perennial longing for a place to call home and to belong haunts this beautifully crafted novel.

Sarah Ladipo Manyika

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