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Panel of experts discuss why our mental wellness must be a daily priority

Panelwith Padma Warrior
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As long as we are human, we all face mental wellness issues such as stress, anxiety, sadness, grief, depression and feeling overwhelmed. While this is perfectly normal, we must make sure we are taking care of our mental health and prevent mental disorders. Find out how simple self-care as a daily routine can help us be calmer and happier.

About the Panel
Avatar - Dr. Megan Jones BellDr. Megan Jones Bell
Dr. Bell is chief strategy and science officer at Headspace. Megan leads the company’s corporate and technology strategy. Prior to Headspace, Megan was chief science officer and founder at Lantern, an evidence-based digital mental health company. Megan is also an adjunct clinical assistant professor at Stanford University. Her academic and advocacy work has been recognized by the National Institute of Mental Health, the U.S. House of Representatives, the European Union, and Stanford University, among others. Megan is a Nike Performance Council member and is on Google and YouTube’s Mental Health Advisory Panel.
Avatar - Professor Josie BillingtonProfessor Josie Billington
Josie Billington, is a professor at the University of Liverpool and serves as the deputy director of the Centre for Research into Reading, Literature and Society. This is an organization that explores the role literature and reading plays on mental and physical health. Dr. Billington has published extensively on the positive impact literary reading has on well-being and mental health and is currently engaged in research projects that examine reading’s relationship to chronic pain. Her research is an inspiration behind the founding of Fable.
Avatar - Dr. Stephen SchuellerDr. Stephen Schueller
Dr. Stephen Schueller is an Associate Professor of Psychological Science and Informatics at the University of California, Irvine. As a clinical psychologist and mental health service researcher his work broadly looks at making mental health resources more available and accessible, especially through the use of technology. He has received Rising Star Awards from the Association for Psychological Science and the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions.

Avatar - Padma WarriorHosted by Padma Warrior
Padmasree Warrior is the Founder, CEO and President of Fable Group Inc., a curated reading platform focused on mental wellness. She also serves on the board of directors of Microsoft and Spotify.
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