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With a Little Luck

By Marissa Meyer & Chuck Gonzales
With a Little Luck by Marissa Meyer & Chuck Gonzales digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description


After being magically gifted with incredible luck, a boy discovers this gift just may be a curse when it comes to love, in this sweet romantic comedy by #1 New York Times-bestselling author Marissa Meyer.

Jude is determined to fly under the radar. He just wants to draw comics, host D&D night with his friends, work at his parents’ vinyl record store, and escape high school as unscathed as possible. That is, until the night he finds himself inexplicably gifted with a bout of supernatural good luck.

Suddenly, everything Jude has ever wanted is within reach. His art is being published. He helps his friend’s song become a finalist in a songwriting competition. And he wins a pair of coveted concert tickets, which he can use to ask out the popular girl he’s been crushing on since elementary school.

But how long can Jude’s good fortune last? And why does he find himself thinking about Ari, his best friend since forever? If Jude has been dreaming of the wrong girl this whole time, does that mean he's doomed to be unlucky in love forever?

With a sprinkle of magic, this sweet beachside romance is perfect for fans of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Love & Gelato, as well as anyone who has ever swooned over Marissa Meyer’s beloved characters.

19 Reviews

Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes“Jude is so adorable awkward and relatable. It really brings you back to the embarrassment of being a teenager with a crush, but it's also funny and heartwarming.”
Characters change and growLikable charactersBeautifully writtenEasy to readFunny writingComicalComing of age
Rolling on the Floor Laughing Face“Marissa Meyer does it again! I loved “Instant Karma”, so when I saw Meyer wrote another book in the same universe with the same lovable family, I knew I had to get my hands on it! The characters are so geeky and loveable, and as someone who recently got into playing D&D, I thoroughly enjoyed all the references and was proud that I understood all the lingo. The plot was definitely a slow burn and I found myself getting antsy from the anticipation. Overall, a really good book and I look forward to what Marissa Meyer writes next!”
Believable charactersDiverse charactersFunny writing
Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes“This book was adorable! I couldn't put it down at the end. As a fan of Marissa Meyer's other works, I was super satisfied with this one. I'd say it was even better than Instant Karma (which was Fortuna Beach's first book). Jude was a lovable dork, even if he gave me second hand embarrassment on occasion (which I sometimes love when characters do that, they can be too relatable), and the characters had tight friendships. The twin bond with Jude and Pru was also great. I love seeing awesome twin rep!! The only negative I had with this book was how it was super predictable. However, it wasn't predictable to Jude because he was supposed to be super oblivious, so it was okay. Still 5 stars because I LOVED it! 🌟 This book definitely won my heart over! ❤️”
Likable charactersFunny writingAddictiveBeautiful settingComicalComing of ageFeel goodRomanticPredictable
Thumbs Up
Diverse charactersLikable charactersEasy to read

About Marissa Meyer

Marissa Meyer is the #1 New York Times–bestselling author of Gilded; The Lunar Chronicles series, the New York Times-bestselling Renegades trilogy, as well as the graphic novel Wires and Nerve: Vol. 1 and 2, and The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book. Her first standalone novel, Heartless, was also a #1 New York Times bestseller and her rom-com debut, Instant Karma, was also a New York Times bestseller and a #1 Indie bestseller. She is also the creator and host of the podcast, “The Happy Writer.” She lives in Tacoma, Washington, with her husband and their two daughters.

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