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Will They or Won't They

By Ava Wilder
Will They or Won't They by Ava Wilder digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

Onscreen, they’re in love. Offscreen, they can’t stand each other. From the author of How to Fake It in Hollywood comes “a sexy lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers romance that smolders then bursts into flames” (Abby Jimenez, New York Times bestselling author of Part of Your World).

“Wilder takes readers behind the scenes of a television shoot in this fun contemporary romance. . . . Fans of Emily Henry and Christina Lauren should check this out.”—Publishers Weekly

Lilah Hunter and Shane McCarthy are madly in love—at least, their characters are. As the stars of the hit paranormal TV show Intangible, Lilah and Shane spent years pining for each other onscreen . . . until Lilah ditched the show at the end of season five in hopes of becoming a movie star. With no such luck, she’s back to film the much-hyped ninth and final season, in which Lilah and Shane’s characters will get together at last.

But coming back means facing one of the biggest reasons she left: Shane. Ever since their secret behind-the-scenes fling imploded at the end of season one, the two of them have despised each other.

Now reunited on set for the first time in years—with the world’s eyes on them and their post-show careers on the line—they’ll have to grit their teeth and play nice. But under pressure to give Intangible’s fans the happy ending they’ve been waiting for, Lilah and Shane are forced to get closer than ever. And if they’re not careful, they might just get blindsided by one final twist: a real-life happy ending of their own.

38 Reviews

“I loooved this. Exactly the kind of romance book I like. Well written, a genuine male protagonist with no red flags, a smart and complex female protagonist. Perfect amount of steam (the chemistry between them is so so good). Hilarious one-liners. Believable and (you can tell) well-researched details about the Hollywood/TV show setting. An amazing lil twist at the end. No notes!”
“i loved this story! lilah & shane have such a tenderhearted, bittersweet, emotional, lovely story! I loved seeing their story as a second chance love story, but not written half-and-half, mostly present time & a few flashback moments. Lilah is a sweetheart who who is so scared of losing the life she’s worked & loved for for so many years that she doesn’t know how to handle her relationship with Shane once upon a time. and poor Shane, he’s so immature & young in the early years, but he’s grown up so much & he now loves Lilah in a way that is mature & lovely & wonderful, by the end I mean they have the whole book to work this out I also love the side characters in this book, except for the self-serving ones, not to mention the wonderful world of Hollywood that Ava Wilder, so uniquely explores in her works that make her stories so unique and lovely. overall, a truly wonderful, heartfelt love story with two imperfect people dealing with a unique, very public situation, who absolutely deserve their happily ever after :) thank you for the ARC!!!we”
“I loved How to Fake It In Hollywood and couldn't wait to dive into Ava Wilder's latest!! Will they or won't they, that is the question! This story has so much angst, and banter, and we get to watch Lilah and Shane see if they're ready to fight FOR each other. Amidst all of the enemies to lovers, there are some tender moments between them. And y'all!!”
“4.5 Stars ⭐️ Will They or Won't They is a enemies-to-lovers, second-chance, Hollywood romance. The book follows Lilah & Shane, former co-stars from a hit tv series who are forced back together for the show's final season. The story is told through dual timelines - giving us a look into their past as well as present. I really appreciated the inclusion of mental health and therapy in the story - Lilah and Shane's mandated "couples" therapy sessions were some of my favorite scenes because they gave each other a glimpse into their feelings behind the façades they had both built up. Overall I loved the chemistry and tension between Lilah and Shane and would definitely recommend for fans of the second-chance trope! Thanks to Random House & NetGalley for the eARC!”
“I was so excited when I saw the email that I was approved for an ARC of Ava Wilder's book 'Will They or Won't They'. I loved her first book 'How to Fake it in Hollywood', so I was really anticipating this book. This book was everything that I could have hoped for and more! Lilah and Shane worked together on a supernatural tv show, but she left the show after 5 years. They haven’t spoken since then. They dated briefly but broke up. Now, Liliah is back for the ninth and final season of their show. Her career hasn't turned out how she thought that it would, and she's back to finish out the series that made her a star. Both Lilah and Shane hate each other but are hate and love closer emotions than they think? Things that I loved: Shane and Lilah's chemistry They took time with the romance Both characters earned the HEA- it wasn’t rushed. Hand holding- who knew hand holding could be so sexy? They both worked on themselves and on each other. (I loved the representation of Lilah's GAD.) They even did couples therapy when they weren’t a couple! Surprises, twists and turns- I anticipated so much when I read the book. I didn’t know what was coming next! It was such a fresh take in Hollywood romance. One thing that stood out to me was the take on obsession and fan speculation about tv show couples dating in real life. 'Will They or Won’t They' explores all sides of that. We see the fan perspective at conventions, the network and producers look to profit from it by bringing Lilah back on the show. And we see it from Lilah and Shane- how having a job in the public eye can affect your private life. Fans want to know, but the actors want their privacy. It’s a push and pull. Read this book if you love: Friends to lovers Enemies to lovers Forced proximity Hollywood romance Second chance romance Slow burn Tension!!!! Twists and Turns Earned HEA Thanks to NetGalley and Random House Publishing for an ARC of this amazing book.”

About Ava Wilder

Ava Wilder is the author of How to Fake It in Hollywood. She lives in Oklahoma City with her husband and their toothless cat.

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