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Unnecessary Drama

By Nina Kenwood
Unnecessary Drama by Nina Kenwood digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

From the award-winning author of It Sounded Better in My Head comes a deliciously entertaining enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy about two high school nemeses who end up sharing a house together their first year of college

Eighteen-year-old Brooke is the kind of friend who not only remembers everyone’s birthdays, but also organizes the group present, pays for it, and politely chases others for their share. She’s the helper, the doer, the maker-of spreadsheets. She’s the responsible one who always follows the rules—and she plans to keep it that way during her first year of college.

Her student housing only has one rule: "no unnecessary drama." Which means no fights, tension, or romance between roommates. When one of them turns out to be Jesse, her high-school nemesis, Brooke is determined she can handle it. They’ll simply silently endure living together and stay out of each other’s way. But it turns out Jesse isn’t so easy to ignore.

With Unnecessary Drama, Nina Kenwood perfectly captures the experience of leaving home for the first time, dealing with the unexpected complications of life, and somehow finding exactly what you need.

61 Reviews

“(2) book was lighthearted and sweet and i read it in one day. the main character had anxiety and even though i have anxiety as well i honestly wanted to yell at the character JUST TELL HIM HOW YOU FEEL NO ONE CARES IT ALL WORKS OUT. haha, but fr. explicit language: several words ranging from the H word to the F word explicit content: no sex scenes but lots of implied sex and talk of sex in general”
“The big miscommunication between Brooke and Jesse made this unbearable at times. Brooke was given multiple opportunities to hear Jesse’s explanation and instead we had to read through her agonising and holding a grudge over one incident 5 years ago. (Them playing Words with Friends together did warm my heart”
“This was such a easy read it hardly took a total of 3-4 hours and the story was so adorable. Things were explained way earlier in the story so it was quite easy to follow. And after unhoneymooners i laughed a lot in this book. Anxiety representation was so accurate and relatable. Definite read if you want a short feel good book. I loved each character’s and cared for them.”
“update: if you haven’t read this book what are you doing. it’s such a good romcom and it’s HILARIOUS i was laughing out loud fr. the main character was a little bit annoying but you should still read it because the enemies to lovers is so cute. go read it or i’ll hack into your amazon accounts and order it rn”

About Nina Kenwood

Nina Kenwood is the marketing manager at Readings bookshop in Melbourne, Australia. She has worked in the book industry for ten years but has been writing, secretly, for much longer. Her debut YA novel, It Sounded Better in My Head, was a finalist for the American Library Association’s William C. Morris Award.

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