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The Wicked Bargain

By Gabe Cole Novoa
The Wicked Bargain by Gabe Cole Novoa digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

El Diablo is in the details in this Latinx pirate fantasy starring a transmasculine nonbinary teen with a mission of revenge, redemption, and revolution. From the New York Times bestselling author of Most Ardently.

On Mar León de la Rosa's sixteenth birthday, el Diablo comes calling. Mar is a transmasculine nonbinary teen pirate hiding a magical ability to manipulate fire and ice. But their magic isn't enough to reverse a wicked bargain made by their father, and now el Diablo has come to collect his payment: the soul of Mar's father and the entire crew of their ship. 

When Mar is miraculously rescued by the sole remaining pirate crew in the Caribbean, el Diablo returns to give them a choice: give up their soul to save their father by the harvest moon, or never see him again. The task is impossible--Mar refuses to make a bargain, and there's no way their magic is a match for el Diablo. Then Mar finds the most unlikely allies: Bas, an infuriatingly arrogant and handsome pirate--and the captain's son; and Dami, a gender-fluid demonio whose motives are never quite clear. For the first time in their life, Mar may have the courage to use their magic. It could be their only redemption--or it could mean certain death.

58 Reviews

Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes“I truly loved this book. It was funny, heartwarming, adventurous, all the things. I especially loved all the symbolism, especially their “magia” as a symbolism for their self expression. I can’t recommend this book enough.”
Believable charactersCharacters change and growDiverse charactersLikable charactersEasy to readComing of ageFeel goodTransphobiaViolence
Thumbs Up“For me personally this just wasn’t a book I loved I liked it but I didn’t love it or like it a lot. I think one of my main issues is with the lack of character development and the fact that this should have been an epic story but instead it’s a very street style story. Which I do love a street style story but not this one. I was honestly pretty bored and I didn’t get interested until ch 13 and even then it was a wild interest. I did think the lore was interesting as well as the characters were enjoyable. I liked the writing style. It just wasn’t a book I was obsessed with and if I’m not obsessed then I have to move on.”
Believable charactersDiverse charactersLikable charactersMulti-layered charactersDescriptive writingEasy to readBeautiful settingMagical settingComing of age
Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes“I love the journey Mar goes on, and seeing them grow is truly so special. The characters are great, the suspense and action is so fun, and the ending is just perfect. Really loved this book <3”
Believable charactersCharacters change and growDiverse charactersLikable charactersDescriptive writingAddictiveImmersive settingComing of age
Thumbs Up
Characters change and growDiverse charactersLikable charactersMulti-layered charactersBeautifully writtenDescriptive writingEasy to read

About Gabe Cole Novoa

Gabe Cole Novoa (he/him) is a Latinx transmasculine author with an MFA in Writing for Children who writes speculative fiction featuring marginalized characters grappling with identity. When he isn't being nerdy at his day job or buried under his TBR pile, you’re likely to find him making heart-eyes at the latest snazzy outfit he wants to add to his wardrobe. Gabe is the author of the Beyond the Red trilogy, written under a former pseudonym. He also runs a popular writing-focused YouTube channel, bookishpixie, and is active on Twitter. @thegabecole

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