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The Excalibur Curse

By Kiersten White
The Excalibur Curse by Kiersten White digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

The gripping conclusion to the acclaimed Arthurian fantasy trilogy from #1 New York Times bestselling author Kiersten White finds Guinevere questioning everything—friends and enemies, good and evil, and, most of all, herself.

While journeying north toward the Dark Queen, Guinevere falls into the hands of her enemies. Behind her are Lancelot, trapped on the other side of the magical barrier they created to protect Camelot, and Arthur, who has been led away from his kingdom, chasing after false promises. But the greatest danger isn’t what lies ahead of Guinevere—it’s what’s been buried inside her. 

Vowing to unravel the truth of her past with or without Merlin’s help, Guinevere joins forces with the sorceress Morgana and her son, Mordred—and faces the confusing, forbidden feelings she still harbors for him. When Guinevere makes an agonizing discovery about who she is and how she came to be, she finds herself with an impossible choice: fix a terrible crime, or help prevent war.

Guinevere is determined to set things right, whatever the cost. To defeat a rising evil. To remake a kingdom. To undo the mistakes of the past...even if it means destroying herself.

Guinevere has been a changeling, a witch, a queen—but what does it mean to be just a girl?

118 Reviews

“I only gave this book a 5/5 because I’m hyperfixated on the world building of the King Arthur retelling. The ending wasn’t good and the plot was mediocre at best but I’m too far down the rabbit hole now”
“This was a very well written series overall! I enjoyed many of the easter egg manipulations this author brought to the Arthurian legends! This installment rates 4/5 for me only because I did get frustrated with Guinevere at about the halfway point. I also feel this is not a book for anyone under 16! I do not like that the author made Lancelot a woman, and I feel like making Guinevere appear slightly BI in modern terms kind of ruined the book. Though I will say the feelings are written weak enough that they can be interpreted as different types of love, not nessecarly just sexual. I loved Mordred, and the Arthur/Mordred triangle was a nice change. It was hard to decide who I wanted Guinevere to do with in the end. All in all, I did enjoy this series! I quick, fun, fresh take on the Arthurian legends!”
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Characters change and growDescriptive writingEasy to readMagical settingComing of ageHeartbreakingRomantic

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