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The Change

By Kirsten Miller
The Change by Kirsten Miller digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description


"The Change is like a guttural rage scream (and somehow a soft, tearful hug) of a book, and I couldn't have loved it any more." --Emily Henry

Big Little Lies meets The Witches of Eastwick—a gloriously entertaining and knife-sharp revenge fantasy about three women whose midlife crisis brings unexpected new powers—putting them on a collision course with the evil that lurks in their wealthy beach town. 

"A roar of rage, a pacy page-turner, I loved it with all my broken heart. Read it. You’ll love it."--New York Times bestselling author Marian Keyes

"Miller triumphs...THE CHANGE is that rare treat: a suspenseful story with great pacing, memorable characters, and an engaging voice. Fantastic in every way, this fierce anthem against misogyny is a smash."--Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"A pointed, punchy, and potent thriller...wry and clever, serious and exacting, and masterfully suspenseful."--Booklist (starred review)

In the Long Island oceanfront community of Mattauk, three different women discover that midlife changes bring a whole new type of empowerment…

After Nessa James’s husband dies and her twin daughters leave for college, she’s left all alone in a trim white house not far from the ocean. In the quiet of her late forties, the former nurse begins to hear voices. It doesn’t take long for Nessa to realize that the voices calling out to her belong to the dead—a gift she’s inherited from her grandmother, which comes with special responsibilities.

On the cusp of 50, suave advertising director Harriett Osborne has just witnessed the implosion of her lucrative career and her marriage. She hasn’t left her house in months, and from the outside, it appears as if she and her garden have both gone to seed. But Harriett’s life is far from over—in fact, she’s undergone a stunning and very welcome metamorphosis.

Ambitious former executive Jo Levison has spent thirty long years at war with her body. The free-floating rage and hot flashes that arrive with the beginning of menopause feel like the very last straw—until she realizes she has the ability to channel them, and finally comes into her power.

Guided by voices only Nessa can hear, the trio of women discover a teenage girl whose body was abandoned beside a remote beach. The police have written the victim off as a drug-addicted sex worker, but the women refuse to buy into the official narrative. Their investigation into the girl’s murder leads to more bodies, and to the town’s most exclusive and isolated enclave, a world of stupendous wealth where the rules don’t apply. With their newfound powers, Jo, Nessa, and Harriett will take matters into their own hands…

140 Reviews

Surprised Face with Open Mouth“I devoured this book. I want to be friends with the women in these pages and I freaking LOVE that Kirsten Miller tackles the stigma around menopause.”
Characters change and growRelatable charactersAddictiveTwistyInsightfulThought-provoking
Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes
Heroic figuresRelatable characters
“2.5 stars. It was fine. I enjoyed the plot, the characters fell flat for me, but what bumped it down was the commentary on society. In my opinion, it was way too much and felt forced. I enjoyed that there were a couple of redeemable male characters and wished there could have been more from them.”
“An excellent book about female power, payback for men and their shitty behaviors. Definitely worth the read.”
“Excellently rendered story about three exceptional women and a string of murders that they are especially equipped to investigate. It’s a thriller with fantastic characters and a vivid setting. The real story here is the embedded feminist point of view. This book does an amazing job of tugging at the ways that misogyny is woven into the fabric of our lives, and exposes it well. While this book doesn’t argue for or depict the deconstruction of patriarchy within systems of oppression, it does an excellent job of pointing out ways in which we can be more aware of it and ways to approach it.”

About Kirsten Miller

Kirsten Miller is a groundbreaking feminist author in YA literature, best known for her popular Kiki Strike series. In addition to writing novels, Kirsten spent twenty-five years as a strategist in the advertising industry. During that time she worked for some of the largest agencies in the world, as well as boutique agencies and an eight-person start up. She’s proud to have quit at least two of those jobs over ads and incidents described in The Change. 

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