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The Chandler Legacies

By Abdi Nazemian
The Chandler Legacies by Abdi Nazemian digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

From the Stonewall Honor–winning author of Like a Love Story comes a revelatory novel about the enclosed world of privilege and silence at an elite boarding school and the unlikely group of friends who dare to challenge the status quo through their writing. Perfect for fans of E. Lockhart, Kathleen Glasgow, and Jandy Nelson, with crossover appeal for readers of Donna Tartt’s The Secret History and Curtis Sittenfeld’s Prep.

Beth Kramer is a “townie” who returns to her sophomore year after having endured a year of tension with her roommate, Sarah.

But Sarah Brunson knows there’s more to that story.

Amanda Priya “Spence” Spencer is the privileged daughter of NYC elites, who is reeling from the realization that her family name shielded her from the same fate as Sarah.

Ramin Golafshar arrives at Chandler as a transfer student to escape the dangers of being gay in Iran, only to suffer brutal hazing under the guise of tradition in the boys’ dorms.

And Freddy Bello is the senior who’s no longer sure of his future but knows he has to stand up to his friends after what happened to Ramin.

At Chandler, the elite boarding school, these five teens are brought together in the Circle, a coveted writing group where life-changing friendships are born—and secrets are revealed. Their professor tells them to write their truths. But is the truth enough to change the long-standing culture of abuse at Chandler? And can their friendship survive the fallout?

16 Reviews

Thinking Face“What really stuck the nail in the coffin for this book (in my opinion) was how the perspectives of all the characters were by a third person narrator. I just could not find myself connected to the story or the characters because of this. Everything felt surface level and dry…I felt like a plant in constant need of water only to find itself in the heat of drought. I just could not bring myself to finish this. The message and topics the book brings out is great, but the telling of was not.”
Coming of ageHomophobiaUnengaging charactersUnsatisfying plot
“I had such high expectations for this but the execution was bizarre. Pitched as a story of overcoming society but the commentary was lacking and felt like an afterthought. Bordered on sympathizing the true villains.”
“Abdi Nazemian’s previous novel, Like A Love Story was my favourite book of 2019, so I awaited the publication of The Chandler Legacies with much hype and anticipation and I’m glad to have finally read it as my 7th book of April. The Chandler Legacies is a multi-perspective historical fiction novel with LGBTQ+ themes about five students at a prestigious New England boarding school who are chosen to be a part of a secretive, selective but successful writing group. At it’s core, the story is about found family, the dark underbelly of academia, and finding the courage to speak and live your truth, even as you grapple with hard choices and past mistakes. Nazemian’s prose is lyrical and unflinchingly honest, and the story grapples with several heavy themes in a sensitive and respectful way while also succeeding in not sugarcoating the reality or the harms caused. A trigger warning is written into the front of the book, so be sure to read that before picking up this book. While it doesn’t quite reach the level of it’s predecessor The Chandler Legacies reaffirms Abdi Nazemian’s talent as a singular and important storyteller who artfully tells necessary stories, and The Chandler Legacies is no exception”
“"I think writing is by definition an act of optimism. Even when what you're writing about is painful or tragic." "I guess, I don't know, by writing about the things that make life more difficult, we release them. And when we release secrets, we give them less power." This was a tough and dark one for me at the time of reading because of its trigger warnings of bullying, graphic description of hazing, homophobia, sexual abuse, racism, and mental disorder (Trichotillomania). I appreciated what the author was trying to do with the topics in this book, but it was inconclusive and lacked depth for me. I never get to know our main 5 characters very well, there is a lot that needed to be told about them that wasn't explored. A found family concept is there, but I don't feel the closeness. And at the finale, it was rushed and nothing seemed to have been solved.”

About Abdi Nazemian

Abdi Nazemian is the author of Like a Love Story, a Stonewall Honor Book, and The Authentics. His novel The Walk-In Closet won the Lambda Literary Award for LGBT Debut Fiction. His screenwriting credits include the films The Artist’s Wife, The Quiet, and Menendez: Blood Brothers and the television series The Village and Almost Family. He has been an executive producer and associate producer on numerous films, including Call Me by Your Name, Little Woods, and The House of Tomorrow. He lives in Los Angeles with his husband, their two children, and their dog, Disco. Find him online at www.abdaddy.com.

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