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The Blood Trials

By N. E. Davenport
The Blood Trials by N. E. Davenport digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

Blending fantasy and science fiction, N. E. Davenport’s fast-paced, action-packed debut kicks off a duology of loyalty and rebellion, in which a young Black woman must survive deadly trials in a racist and misogynistic society to become an elite warrior.

It’s all about blood.

The blood spilled between the Republic of Mareen and the armies of the Blood Emperor long ago. The blood gifts of Mareen’s deadliest enemies. The blood that runs through the elite War Houses of Mareen, the rulers of the Tribunal dedicated to keeping the republic alive.

The blood of the former Legatus, Verne Amari, murdered.

For his granddaughter, Ikenna, the only thing steady in her life was the man who had saved Mareen. The man who had trained her in secret, not just in martial skills, but in harnessing the blood gift that coursed through her.

Who trained her to keep that a secret.

But now there are too many secrets, and with her grandfather assassinated, Ikenna knows two things: that only someone on the Tribunal could have ordered his death, and that only a Praetorian Guard could have carried out that order.

Bent on revenge as much as discovering the truth, Ikenna pledges herself to the Praetorian Trials—a brutal initiation that only a quarter of the aspirants survive. She subjects herself to the racism directed against her half-Khanaian heritage and the misogyny of a society that cherishes progeny over prodigy, all while hiding a power that—if found out—would subject her to execution…or worse. Ikenna is willing to risk it all because she needs to find out who murdered her grandfather…and then she needs to kill them.

Mareen has been at peace for a long time…

Ikenna joining the Praetorians is about to change all that.

Magic and technology converge in the first part of this stunning debut duology, where loyalty to oneself—and one’s blood—is more important than anything.

76 Reviews

Thinking Face“I liked this book a lot more than I thought. I loved how the characters were written, especially Ikenna. I usually get annoyed with main characters but I actually really liked her, especially her relationship with some of the others. She had a lot of growth with her blood gift, which I really liked seeing throughout the story. The ending where she finally accepts her goddess leaves a lot of room for more growth in the next book, which I definitely want to read.”
Reviewed in:The Blood Trials
Characters change and growDiverse charactersSuspensefulTwistyDark settingDarkBigotryMisogynyRacismViolence
Thumbs Up“I liked it enough. The fight scenes were beautiful and descriptive. There were so many twists and turns. I din't know whom to trust. I was not prepared for the death of so many characters. And I think that, and partly the world building left me with a lot of questions. Also there was just something about some of the plot points that I saw coming a mile away. My attention did wander from this book to others. But it has me reaching for book 2 solely because I want to know how it ends.”
Reviewed in:The Blood Trials
Characters change and growDiverse charactersMorally ambiguousMulti-layered charactersTwistyUnpredictableDescriptiveViolenceDidn't grab my attention
Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes“I loved this book! It was so exciting and hard to put down! I found myself waking up in the middle of the night and grabbing my iPad to read more!!”
Colorful personalitiesHeroic figuresLikable charactersMulti-layered charactersBeautifully writtenFunny writingWitty banterAction-packedRomanticThrilling
Surprised Face with Open Mouth“I was so skeptical about reading this book because I’ve never really read fantasy books but omg 😳 Ikenna is that girl and I can’t wait to see her take down the republic. We do not break!”
Characters change and growHeroic figuresLikable charactersMorally ambiguousMulti-layered charactersBeautifully writtenAction-packedAddictiveComplexSuspenseful
Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes“Let’s fucking gooooooooo! I can’t wait to start Blood Gift 🥲👏🏽”
Believable charactersCharacters change and growLikable charactersEasy to readOriginal writingAction-packedFast-pacedThrillingTwisty

About N. E. Davenport

N. E. Davenport is the science fiction/fantasy author of The Blood Trials and its sequel. She attended the University of Southern California and studied biological sciences and theatre arts. She also has an M.A. in secondary education. She teaches English and biology to amazing students. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys vacationing with her family, skiing, and being a huge foodie. She’s an advocate for diverse perspectives and protagonists in literature. You can find her on Twitter or on Instagram, where she talks about bingeworthy TV, killer movies, and great books. She lives in Texas with her husband and kids.

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