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The Age of Magical Overthinking

By Amanda Montell
The Age of Magical Overthinking by Amanda Montell digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description


From the bestselling author of Cultish and host of the podcast Sounds Like a Cult, a delicious blend of cultural criticism and personal narrative that explores our cognitive biases and the power, disadvantages, and highlights of magical thinking.

Utilizing the linguistic insights of her “witty and brilliant” (Blyth Roberson, author of America the Beautiful?) first book Wordslut and the sociological explorations of her breakout hit Cultish, Amanda Montell now turns her erudite eye to the inner workings of the human mind and its biases in her most personal and electrifying work yet.

“Magical thinking” can be broadly defined as the belief that one’s internal thoughts can affect unrelated events in the external world: Think of the conviction that one can manifest their way out of poverty, stave off cancer with positive vibes, thwart the apocalypse by learning to can their own peaches, or transform an unhealthy relationship to a glorious one with loyalty alone. In all its forms, magical thinking works in service of restoring agency amid chaos, but in The Age of Magical Overthinking, Montell argues that in the modern information age, our brain’s coping mechanisms have been overloaded, and our irrationality turned up to an eleven.

In a series of razor sharp, deeply funny chapters, Montell delves into a cornucopia of the cognitive biases that run rampant in our brains, from how the “Halo effect” cultivates worship (and hatred) of larger than life celebrities, to how the “Sunk Cost Fallacy” can keep us in detrimental relationships long after we’ve realized they’re not serving us. As she illuminates these concepts with her signature brilliance and wit, Montell’s prevailing message is one of hope, empathy, and ultimately forgiveness for our anxiety-addled human selves. If you have all but lost faith in our ability to reason, Montell aims to make some sense of the senseless. To crack open a window in our minds, and let a warm breeze in. To help quiet the cacophony for a while, or even hear a melody in it.

85 Reviews

Thumbs Up
Easy to readFunny writingThought-provoking
Thinking Face“My feelings on the book mostly have been perplexed on deciding my opinion of the book. I feel smarter after reading but also feel too self aware. A few too many metaphors but I learned from anecdotes. I have never published a book and this author has three, props where props are due. I’ve listened to Amanda Montell speak on her podcast and now finally get to read her written word. She cares a lot, and I respect that.”
Descriptive writingOriginal writingThought-provoking
Surprised Face with Open Mouth
Easy to readOriginal writingThought-provoking
Thinking Face“I really appreciated the way cognitive biases were presented. This book really made me think more about my own biases as well as how I perceive other people’s biases. It’s such a fascinating way to consider human behavior individually and collectively. I also liked the way she weaved in personal anecdotes. I wish there was some more nuance about the difference between what we know and what we need + feel.”
Easy to readOriginal writingThought-provoking
Thinking Face
Descriptive writingEasy to readOriginal writingAddictiveFast-pacedThought-provoking

About Amanda Montell

Amanda Montell is a writer and linguist from Baltimore. She is the author of the acclaimed books WordslutCultish, and The Age of Magical Overthinking. Along with hosting the podcast Sounds Like a Cult, her writing has also appeared in The New York TimesMarie ClaireCosmopolitan, and more. She holds a degree in linguistics from NYU and lives in Los Angeles with her partner, plants, and pets. Find her on Instagram @Amanda_Montell.

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