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By Misha Kucherenko
StereoPravda by Misha Kucherenko digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

This unique book is dedicated to what has been known since the 70s as the High End Audio industry (and, first and foremost, to the equipment that is at the frontline of humanity's pursuit of sonic Utopia) as well as to the dramatic story of the search for High End: the glamour and the misery, the gains and the losses, the highs and the lows. 

Here is a story about us, of how and why we listen, what we strive for and what we are as listening and, more importantly, hearing beings. StereoPravda brings us back to the roots. Whatever the author may be up to while designing and building his own High End Audio equipment, earning a dedicated chapter in BBC DJ John Peel's autobiography, taking an ocean cruise with some of the greatest recording engineers and producers of all time, Alan Parsons included, or, for example, producing Marc Almond's "Russian" album - is always marked with a vibrant immediacy, a sense of humor and a genuine whole-hearted love for music and truly the best possible ways to technically allow it to enrich your soul and mind.

In terms of further sonic improvements in the sound of his or her own audio systems an attentive reader can get from reflecting on StereoPravda, it would not be an over exaggeration to claim that the price/performance ratio of this book, if you would treat it as an audio component, provides the biggest bang for the buck in the whole current High End Audio industry. 

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About Misha Kucherenko

Misha Kucherenko is a living legend within the international audiophile community. For more than thirty years he unites in his own completely inimitable way two realms - these of music and high-performance audio. Having started as a passionate music lover and then as an ardent enthusiast of High End Audio, he later became a Russian dealer/distributor of some of the most well-known dedicated audio brands (as a co-founder of the Purple Legion and StereoPravda audio boutiques in Moscow and Saint Petersburg). He also produced several significant music recordings (including Marc Almond's Russian Heart On Snow album). Since 1990s Misha also regularly published his own articles and posts in various Russian media outlets mostly reflecting on the consumer audio industry's deepest inner movements and the most important changes in its overall dynamic curve. Misha's undying passion for music and its best possible reproduction is embodiedin his StereoPravda SPearphone ear monitors manufacturing project, whose motto is Passing the Torch of the Old ('Home') High End Audio to the New Generation of ('Portable') Audiophiles. Misha resides between Moscow and Saint Petersburg and can be reached at bigmisha@stereopravda.com

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