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Right Where I Left You

By Julian Winters
Right Where I Left You by Julian Winters digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

"Some books are downright fun, and Right Where I Left You is one . . . Winters sends a quiet but important message that queer Black and brown kids deserve to live happily ever after too. . . Winters weaves all of these threads—the romance, the relatable anxiety, the message — into a book that, like a crush, you won’t be able to get out of your head."The New York Times

Isaac Martin is ready to kick off summer. His last before heading off to college in the fall where he won't have his best friend, Diego. Where—despite his social anxiety—he’ll be left to make friends on his own. Knowing his time with Diego is limited, Isaac enacts a foolproof plan: snatch up a pair of badges for the epic comic convention, Legends Con, and attend his first ever Teen Pride. Just him and Diego. 
But when an unexpected run-in with Davi—Isaac’s old crush—distracts him the day tickets go on sale, suddenly he’s two badges short of a perfect summer. Even worse, now he’s left making it up to Diego by hanging with him and his gamer buddies. Decidedly NOT part of the original plan. It’s not all bad, though. Some of Diego’s friends turn out to be pretty cool, and when things with Davi start heating up, Isaac is almost able to forget about his Legends Con blunder. Almost. Because then Diego finds out what really happened that day with Davi, and their friendship lands on thin ice. Isaac assumes he’s upset about missing the convention, but could Diego have other reasons for avoiding Isaac?

18 Reviews

Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes“I loved everything about this book! The characters were phenomenal. Getting to see queer, BIPOC teenagers get to simply be nerdy teenagers and realize that they're capable of both making friends and finding love was a beautiful journey. These characters felt extremely real and their story was heartwarming to experience with them.”
Believable charactersCharacters change and growColorful personalitiesDiverse charactersMulti-layered charactersOriginal charactersRelatable charactersEasy to readWitty banter
Rolling on the Floor Laughing Face“Comical and original, this book has something for everybody. A whole cast of diverse and awesome characters. Family, friends, and romances that readers will swoon over. The honesty in the text has the reader thinking about the real-world implications of these problems. Isaac is a main character that you can root for until the end.”
Believable charactersFunny writingMeaningfulThought-provoking
Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes“You just want to see Issac have his happy ever after ending and you feel like you were there with them. I love this story!!!!”
Believable charactersCuteLikable charactersRelatable characters
Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! The characters were likable and relatable, and I felt myself in so many of the interactions and experiences in here. The cast of characters was wonderfully diverse (even side characters were allowed to have their own backgrounds and personality traits), and the ending felt like a hug to my soul. I had some issues with the pacing though, so that comes out to four stars for me!”
Believable charactersDiverse charactersRelatable charactersEasy to readComing of age
Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes
Diverse charactersRelatable charactersBeautifully writtenEasy to readComing of ageHopefulMeaningfulMoving

About Julian Winters

Julian Winters is a bestselling and award-winning author of contemporary young adult fiction. His novels Running with Lions, How to Be Remy Cameron, and The Summer of Everything (Duet, 2018, 2019, 2020, respectively) received accolades for their positive depictions of diverse, relatable characters. A former management trainer, Julian currently lives outside of Atlanta, where he can be found reading, being a self-proclaimed comic book geek, or watching the only two sports he can follow--volleyball and soccer.

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