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Love, Blood and Fury: Strings of Fate

By Melissa J Kincaid
Love, Blood and Fury: Strings of Fate by Melissa J Kincaid digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

A Fury should never love.

A Fury should never feel emotion.

A Fury should never question fate.


Ariiaya Trillia is a Fury, a Fae assassin working for the Three Fates to end the lives of those chosen by the magical Tapestry of Life.


Sent to the impenetrable castle of Viridya, she is set with the assignment to assassinate Lorch Kruel, the young King of Fythnar.


Arii is taken into the King's guard as a recruit and quickly realizes that this assignment is going to be harder than she expected. The King is shadowed closely by a mysterious, hooded male bodyguard who radiates power and displays a prowess for combat that matches her own.


To the North, a darkness is manifesting and powerful magic unseen in over two hundred years awakens, threatening the future of the entire land.


Arii soon finds her heart threatening to crack in two as emotions unfamiliar to her flood forth, and she is faced with a choice she never thought an assassin would have to make.


Fulfil her duty to kill the King or fight against fate to save the entire kingdom.

A dark, thrilling fantasy debut filled with magic, sizzling romance and unforgettable characters that will leave you breathless and wanting more. This is the beginning of a trilogy and ends on a cliffhanger. Love, Blood & Fury marks the debut of Melissa J Kincaid, a brand new self published author from Australia.

(Love, Blood & Fury paperback includes a over 20 character illustrations by Melissa J. Kincaid and Kalynne Vorster, set in a black and white interior.)

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About Melissa J Kincaid

Melissa J. Kincaid is a self-published author from Melbourne, Australia. Coming from a graphic design background, Melissa finds art and crafts relaxing, but she also loves playing video games. Melissa has been a bookworm all her life and has always dreamed of writing and publishing her very own fantasy novel. When her nose is not buried in a book, Melissa spends her time with her loving husband Greg, along with her dog Luna and cat Milly. At the time of writing this book, Melissa and Greg were expecting their first baby. Love, Blood & Fury is her debut novel.

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