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Little Women

By Louisa May Alcott
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

A restless tomboy with a wild imagination, Jo March bridles against societal conventions. She has no interest in becoming a lady; she will become a writer. Fortunately for Jo, her family supports her ambitions and understands her eccentricities. With their father serving as a chaplain in the Union Army and little money coming in, Jo and her three sisters work hard to help their mother keep the household afloat.

Immensely popular from the day it was published, Little Women struck a chord with generations of young American women, demonstrating that women can pursue their dreams freely without compromising their values.

202 Reviews

“amy march hate club”
“خوبی کلاسیک‌ها اینه خوندنشون مثل دنبال کردن رد تاریخ می‌مونه. از داستان‌های خودشون صحبت نمی‌کنم که اون‌‌جا هم تکه‌های تاریخ دیده می‌شه، از اینکه معروفیت و محبوبیت این کتاب‌ها در مورد خواننده‌هاش، طرز تفکر زمانه و اون کشور چی میگه حرف می‌زنم زنان کوچک هر چه که نداره، نشان دهنده‌ی اینه که جامعه پذیرای یک داستان با محوریت زنانی بوده که همشون دست به انتخاب‌های یکسانی نمی‌زنند و به طور واضحی متفاوت زندگی می‌کنند. ۱۵۴ سال پیش که این کتاب نوشته، دیده و پذیرفته شده، ایران کجا بوده؟ ما چی می‌نوشتیم و می‌خوندیم؟ مسیر ما و اون‌ها از همین‌جا در حال شکل‌گیری بوده بی‌دلیل نیست که حالا یک قرن و نیم بعد فهمیدیم که چه شعاری باید سر بدیم تا به جلو حرکت کنیم، کلماتی که در تک‌تک صفحات این‌ کتاب ساده دیده میشه «زن، زندگی، آزادی» پی‌نوشت‌ یک. این کتاب در دو بخش چاپ شده که کتاب کامل در واقع در برگیرنده‌ی هر دوی این بخش‌هاست. کتابی که نشر جنگل چاپ کرده در واقع نصفه هست دو. کتاب صوتی دراماتایز شده و توسط مجموعه خوانده شده که بسیار جذابه ۱۴۰۱/۸/۲”
“"Don't cry so bitterly, but remember this day, and resolve with all your soul that you will never know another like it.” I really love Meg, Jo, Beth, & Amy... and Laurie. Also, Mrs. March so sweet and wise, I find her to be extremely quotable. This was actually a re-read for me but it's been at least 15, maybe closer to 20, years since the first time I read it. It was quite a different experience reading it as an adult, however, I found it just as enjoyable as when I read it as a kid. Little Women is like the equivalent of comfort food for books. I am really looking forward to seeing the Greta Gerwig screen adaptation. I have only heard fantastic things so far from those who have already seen it.”
“What a lovely author Alcott is. I had seen the most recent ‘Little Women’ movie when it came out, but this is my first time enjoying the original story. Despite it being written in a very different time period by an author with old-fashioned values, I couldn’t help but understand and agree with the reason and logic shown by the characters in the story’s conflicts and sorrows, particularly Marmee. I love and relate to Jo, naturally, and still wish she would have given Laurie a chance. Of course I’m biased by absolutely adoring his character, but I do think they both have a forgiving enough nature, and incredible support around them, that their relationship could have thrived after an adjustment period. Bhaer seems like a nice man, but I was misled by the movie a bit - he’s much older than I anticipated, and acts much more fatherly at the outset of the relationship he and Jo form. Kind of ew. Beth’s death was just as sad as I expected, but so beautifully written and explained by Alcott that my tears weren’t only of sadness. All while reading this book I just wanted to live in their little home with them, reading and sewing and writing silly notes to the neighbor boy. What a beautiful picture of childhood this novel is. My only true complaint would be that it is extremely picturesque, even in the hard times. Of course this was written long ago, but I would be interested to hear Jo’s thoughts on the dirtier side of life. They all end up having babies, but how did these innocent young women fare when it came to making these babies, and birthing them? Those are huge adjustment periods in the lives of women, and surely their experiences were all very different. And what about the intricacies of marriage? We got a glimpse into Meg’s relationship with John and the strain they faced after the twins were born, but I want to see an argument between Laurie and Amy over something he said to Jo, or Jo’s feelings towards Bhaer changing as he ages before her, or Meg grappling with her changing appearance as a mom nearing her forties, no longer the beautiful girl in her twenties that John married. Perhaps I should write a sequel myself if I want to see these things so much. Long story short, I very much enjoyed reading this classic and immersing myself into the lives of the March sisters for a time.”

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