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Kisses and Croissants

By Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau
Kisses and Croissants by Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

As sweet as a macaron from Laduree, this romantic novel set in Paris about an American ballerina and a charming French boy is parfait! And don't miss Anne-Sophie's swoony FRENCH KISSING IN NEW YORK!

Mia Jenrow has always known she's destined to be a professional ballerina. In fact, it’s in her blood—according to family legend, her too-many-greats-to-count-grandmother once danced for the Paris Opera and was painted by Degas himself! Her parents say it’s just a fantasy, but to Mia it’s so much more than that. It’s her fate.

Mia is planning to spend a magical summer in France pursuing her dream, but as she pirou-ettes into Paris, she soon realizes it may be a bit more complicated than she hoped. For starters, there’s her rival, Audrey, who will stop at nothing to show her up. There’s her ballet instructor, whose impossibly high standards push her to the breaking point. And then . . . there’s Louis. Devastatingly, distractingly charming Louis. He’s eager to show Mia his city—and Mia is more than happy to hop on his Vespa and wrap her arms around him as they pass the gleaming lights of the Eiffel Tower.

Mia’s summer was supposed to be about ballet—but there’s a reason Paris is called the City of Love. . . .

95 Reviews

Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes“I wouldn't have picked up this book, for a long time if not for the club's pick. I am really happy that I did. Because I loved every moment of reading this 😘🥐”
Believable charactersCharacters change and growColorful personalitiesCuteDiverse charactersHeroic figuresBeautifully writtenConversational
Slightly Smiling Face“Super cute book!! I loved the setting and the ballet theme and now want to read some more ballet books tbh. However the ending was a bit off for me, I really wanted Mia to get into her dream school when the time came but instead everything got pushed off. I also didn't care much for the romance in it, the relationship between the two felt kinda pushy from Louis' side. But overall I enjoyed reading!”
Believable charactersCuteLikable charactersEasy to readFloweryFast-paced
Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes“FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS WOW! This is a story about a 17 year old girl who goes to Paris for the American ballet theater intensive program during the summer, and she ends up falling in love, and making unexpected friends along the way. This has been my favorite read so far and I enjoyed every single minute of it. It made me laugh and made me cry and it did everything I would want a book to do.”
Characters change and growCuteLikable charactersMulti-layered charactersRelatable charactersBeautifully writtenFloweryAddictiveSuspensefulTwisty
Slightly Smiling Face“I really enjoyed this sweet YA novel! I always forget how nice these books can be, easy reads for sure! I’m not docking stars because it may seemed a little “shallow” because I remember being this age and feeling all the feels hahah”
Characters change and growLikable charactersRelatable charactersEasy to readFast-pacedBeautiful settingEnlighteningHopefulInsightfulLighthearted
Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes“This book is the ultimate trip to Paris. We follow Mia as she's following her dreams and gets distracted by her heart. Everything about this book is written with an awareness to exhausted romance tropes. Everything that happens is resolved and wrapped up in a wonderful way. Even at the end, the reader gets a slap of reality and it's a great reminder that it's just a book and that's okay. Not everything goes perfectly. This book stole my heart, and my afternoon.”
Believable charactersBeautifully writtenRomanticBeautiful settingLightheartedLack of diversity

About Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau

French author Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau's books have been translated into seven languages. KISSES AND CROISSANTS is her English-language debut. She is also the author of FRENCH KISSING IN NEW YORK. She lives in New York City with her Australian husband.

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