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Honey and Spice

By Bolu Babalola
Honey and Spice by Bolu Babalola digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description


"Sexy, messy and wry, Honey and Spice more than delivers." — New York Times Book Review

"A vibrant debut novel . . . Babalola is incisively funny, capturing the kick and sweetness of her title with her words." — Entertainment Weekly

Named a Best Book of the Year by TimeEsquireVanity Fair • Oprah Daily • CosmopolitanElleHarper's BazaarSouthern Living • Buzzfeed • Women's Health Magazine • AudioFile • Popsugar • and more!

Introducing internationally bestselling author Bolu Babalola’s dazzling debut novel, full of passion, humor, and heart, that centers on a young Black British woman who has no interest in love and unexpectedly finds herself caught up in a fake relationship with the man she warned her girls about

Sweet like plantain, hot like pepper. They taste the best when together...

Sharp-tongued (and secretly soft-hearted) Kiki Banjo has just made a huge mistake. As an expert in relationship-evasion and the host of the popular student radio show Brown Sugar, she’s made it her mission to make sure the women of the African-Caribbean Society at Whitewell University do not fall into the mess of “situationships”, players, and heartbreak. But when the Queen of the Unbothered kisses Malakai Korede, the guy she just publicly denounced as “The Wastemen of Whitewell,” in front of every Blackwellian on campus, she finds her show on the brink.

They’re soon embroiled in a fake relationship to try and salvage their reputations and save their futures. Kiki has never surrendered her heart before, and a player like Malakai won’t be the one to change that, no matter how charming he is or how electric their connection feels. But surprisingly entertaining study sessions and intimate, late-night talks at old-fashioned diners force Kiki to look beyond her own presumptions. Is she ready to open herself up to something deeper?

A gloriously funny and sparkling debut novel, Honey and Spice is full of delicious tension and romantic intrigue that will make you weak at the knees.

"A smart, sexy summer read, which hits your brain and your romance buttons in one shot." — Los Angeles Times

"The ultimate summer romance . . . It’s got all the juiciest, most satisfying romance tropes, but in Babalola’s capable hands, the story feels fresh and unique." — The Cut, New York magazine

“Divine summer reading. Hilarious, hot, and heartfelt. ” — Meg Cabot, #1 New York Times bestselling author

192 Reviews

Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes“like a warm cup of tea on a cold night.. omg one of my favorite romances of the year! a couple i feel emotionally invested in, friends that i can feel a connection to and a backstory that is strong enough to build a skyscraper on top of. this book had every thing i love 😫 kai and kiki forever”
Characters change and growDiverse charactersMulti-layered charactersBeautifully writtenEasy to readFunny writingAddictiveFast-pacedImmersive settingRealistic setting
Slightly Smiling Face“Listened to the audiobook and burned through it in two days while getting chores done. I don’t always get into romance but this was a very enjoyable listen!”
Characters change and growDiverse charactersEasy to readFunny writingComicalComing of ageFeel goodRomantic
Slightly Smiling Face“<strong>One word: Malakai</strong> I am once again in love with a fictional character wow. It took me so long to read this book but thanks to peer pressure from a friend and tik tok here I am done with one of the best modern romance books I’ve read in a long time. Im not going to sit here and say it was a perfect book. I rated 4/5 stars for a reason. The main reason was the slight corniness in it. I felt like certain things the character said, no one really says in real life but I can’t really begrudge the author on that right since the body of work is fictional. The other reason is how annoying the main character is. Kiki. Chai. It’s really hard getting through the first few chapters because it starts off a little slow and Kiki has a lot of inner monologue that quite frankly is annoying. The anti man trope is so Twitteresque. I felt like I was ready the tweets of a follower who only tweeted her dislike toward men. But the best things about books have to be character development and the author did great on that with the main character. Although she’s still not my favorite, she grew on me and by the time I was finished with the book, I found myself rooting for her. Great book, overall! Would recommend and would definitely read again.”
Characters change and growLikable charactersBeautifully writtenRomanticRealistic setting
Slightly Smiling Face“Has everything I love!! Memorable characters, comedic dialog and a promising storyline. Definitely picking up more books from Bolu.”
Believable charactersCharacters change and growCuteHeroic figuresLikable charactersRelatable charactersEasy to readFunny writingWitty banterRomantic
Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes“4.75 What a sweet ride. I don't think that I've enjoyed a romance novel this much in 3 or so years. The characters were lovable and I found myself rooting for them as soon as they met before we knew much of anything about either of them. I also liked that the climax of the story had to do with their own flaws rather than a simple miscommunication that many romance novels tend to hinge on for conflict. It feels realistic even in its silliest moments. Kai was such a man and I loved the development of the female friendships in this instead of the route that these books tend to take when men are involved. The audiobook was also pretty amazing.”
Colorful personalitiesDiverse charactersLikable charactersFunny writingWitty banterRomanticRealistic settingMade me cryRomantic

About Bolu Babalola

BOLU BABALOLA is the author of the Reese Book Club pick Honey and Spice and the internationally bestselling short story collection Love in Color. She is a London based writer and lover of love. She was shortlisted in 4th Estate’s B4ME competition for her short story “Netflix & Chill,” a hilarious tale of teen romance. Bolu has worked as a writer for books, TV, and press, and as a cultural commentator.

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