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Here Comes the Sun: A Novel

By Nicole Dennis-Benn
Here Comes the Sun: A Novel by Nicole Dennis-Benn digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

[A] lithe, artfully-plotted debut....Margot is one of the reasons to read this book. She is a startling, deeply memorable character. All of Ms. Dennis-Benn’s women are. The author has a gift for creating chiaroscuro portraits, capturing both light and dark....Here Comes the Sun is deceptively well-constructed, with slow and painful reveals right through the end.

22 Reviews

Thinking Face“This isn’t my normal genre, I was somewhat sceptical when it was chosen as this months read. I must admit I did find the first half a long read, I was doing it for the sake of doing it. But once it hit after half way I couldn’t put it down. What an insightful, tragic but amazing book. I have rated it 3.5/5.”
Reviewed in:Black to Front
Diverse charactersThought-provokingComplexHauntingInsightful
Loudly Crying Face
Reviewed in:Black to Front
Diverse charactersMorally ambiguousMulti-layered charactersTragicDescriptiveThought-provoking
“Here Comes The Sun by Nicole Dennis-Benn (4/5 ✨) • blurb - Margot is doing everything (literally every and anything) she can for her little sister, Thandi. Delores is exerting every effort for her daughter, Thandi. Margot & Delores believe Thandi is the ‘golden child’ and has the potential to succeed and lift them out of poverty. Thandi, on the other hand, simply desires to be an artist and be snatched up by a wealthy man. • This book touches on a wide range of issues, including rape, sex, poverty, LGBTQ issues etc. • This book simply demonstrates how everyone experiences various forms of pain. Totally enjoyed the book & I recommend!”
“"Membah dis, nobody loves a black girl. Not even himself. Now get up an' guh yuh get yuh pay" Where was the sun?? I've never read a book from start to finish that had me fuming since the year began. What I appreciate about was how authentic the story truly is, tourism in the Caribbean, the entire background, the patwa (a significant aspect I love whenever I read Caribbean books), and the themes of homophobia, colorism, prostitution, tourism business, exploitation, corruption. The cycle of bad choices in an attempt to call it sacrifices for the ones you care about and want the best of exhausted me. To the extent, some of these choices were detrimental to the emotional and mental well-being of the ones being used for it. (Delores can go to hell). And the final events of it still have a bitter taste in my mouth. It was a case of I'll do anything and use anyone to stay afloat, no matter who they are None of the relationships made sense to me (Thandi and Charles, Verdene and Margot). I try to understand that Verdene and Margot as lonely women who needed some sort of comfort from each other that they could get. I struggled to finish it.”
“I am glad that after hearing several reviews about this book and author that I finally got my hands on a copy of this book to read. I love reading stories from Caribbean authors and this book has to be one of the best I have read lately. The story is about a young woman Margot who will stop at nothing to help her sister Thandi escape the hardship of life in the ghetto in Jamaica. Margot's mother Delores also shares hope that Thandi, who wants to be an artist would become a doctor and help the family elevate. Margot sacrifices a lot to achieve success for herself and to help her sister but of course there are costs to everything. I think that what makes this story so relateable to me is that some of the issues are indeed what happens in families that are experiencing hardships. It highlighted some social issues such as the treatment of the LBGTQ community in Jamaica, sexual tourism, rape, crime and I actually love it when a work of fiction really takes us down a realistic path such as this book did. It was a well written story though I think the ending for me left too many gaps. All in all this was a great read.”

About Nicole Dennis-Benn

Nicole Dennis-Benn is the author of Here Comes the Sun, a New York Times Notable Book and winner of the Lambda Literary Award. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, she teaches at Princeton and lives with her wife in Brooklyn, New York.

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