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By Jennifer Saint
Elektra by Jennifer Saint digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

A spellbinding reimagining of the story of Elektra, one of Greek mythology’s most infamous heroines, from Jennifer Saint, the author of the beloved international bestseller, Ariadne.

Three women, tangled in an ancient curse.

When Clytemnestra marries Agamemnon, she ignores the insidious whispers about his family line, the House of Atreus. But when, on the eve of the Trojan War, Agamemnon betrays Clytemnestra in the most unimaginable way, she must confront the curse that has long ravaged their family.

In Troy, Princess Cassandra has the gift of prophecy, but carries a curse of her own: no one will ever believe what she sees. When she is shown what will happen to her beloved city when Agamemnon and his army arrives, she is powerless to stop the tragedy from unfolding.

Elektra, Clytemnestra and Agamemnon’s youngest daughter, wants only for her beloved father to return home from war. But can she escape her family’s bloody history, or is her destiny bound by violence, too?

227 Reviews

Anxious Face with sweat“The beginning was difficult for me to get into, I felt like it dragged a little bit and I was confused with the characters. Once I figured who was who, I got a little more invested in the story. I didn’t like any of the characters or how they treated others and I felt like Cassandra’s storyline was kind of pointless since she didn’t add anything to the story except that she knew the future (not that anyone believed her.) I was still intrigued by the mythology itself but didn’t love this book…”
Morally ambiguousUnlikable characters
Thinking Face“Ugh I wanted to love this one so so much! I have been on a retellings kick after reading The Witch's Heart and this did not satisfy. While I did like 2 of the characters storylines and learned more about the , I abhorred Elektra. She was annoying and hated how she treated her brother and husband in the end. She didn't realize or want to understand her mother's reasoning for the choices she had made.”
Morally ambiguousEasy to readInformativeUnlikable characters
Expressionless Face“The book was a lot slower and more depressing than Ariadne. I love Greek mythology retellings but this one just didn't hook me as much, maybe because I was more familiar with these characters so I was just trudging through to the inevitable outcome. It did give great insight into the lesser known female characters in Greek mythology which is why I initially picked it up and why I like this author. But there are other stories in this niche that I enjoyed more”
Morally ambiguousMulti-layered charactersHeartbreakingTragicMeaningfulSerious
Slightly Smiling Face
Believable charactersBeautifully writtenBeautiful settingRealistic settingMeaningful
Thumbs Up
Heroic figuresBeautifully writtenComplexTragicHauntingSerious

About Jennifer Saint

Due to a lifelong fascination with Ancient Greek mythology, Jennifer Saint read Classical Studies at King’s College, London. She spent the next thirteen years as an English teacher, sharing a love of literature and creative writing with her students. She is the internationally bestselling author of Elektra and Ariadne.

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