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Does It Hurt?

By H.D. Carlton
Does It Hurt? by H.D. Carlton digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

Who am I?

I've forgotten the answer to that question long ago. Ever since I ran from that house, so desperate to escape, I left with only the clothes on my back and socks on my feet. After that day, I've only ever walked in stolen shoes.

Could I be a girl who is searching for the meaning of life in faceless men? They were all so forgettable. Until he came along. He took me under a waterfall and made me forget my name, and in return, I took his instead.

Enzo Vitale.

An enigmatic man that will only ever love the deep sea. Or rather the predators that inhabit it. Turns out, he's not so different than the monsters he feeds. He lured me onto his boat like a fish in the ocean, seeking vengeance for my crime. Had I realized his intentions, and that a massive storm would leave us shipwrecked, I would've ran.

Now, I'm a girl who's seeking refuge in a decrepit lighthouse with a man who loathes me almost as much as he craves me. He wants to hurt me, but the old caretaker of the abandoned island may have intentions far more sinister.

It's no longer a question of who I am, but rather, will I survive?

673 Reviews

Thumbs Up“3.5⭐️ enemies to lovers with a predictable suspenseful twist.”
Characters change and growEasy to readFast-pacedSuspensefulDark settingRealistic settingHeartbreakingSelf-harmSexual assaultViolence
Slightly Smiling Face“This book was wild from the start to the finish! I mean the boat and shark scene enough had me losing my damn mjnd! I do think they prob could have cut maybe a chapter or two down but I did love the creepy plot. Maybe lengthen that instead!”
Morally ambiguousEasy to readWitty banterThrillingUnpredictableCreepyVividRomanticViolenceToo long
Surprised Face with Open Mouth“I joined the club on book three, so I went back and read this. And I'm glad I did! It was actually really good. I loved Haunting Adeline, so I knew I should give this one a shot (even though Hunting Adeline was garbage). Enzo was insufferable at times. Which was really frustrating. Some of the shit he said was just so fucking mean. Sawyer was...weird. She was strong but also weak. It aggravated me. All in all though, the book was good and engaging! Took me 2 days to finish. I'd recommend it”
Characters change and growDescriptive writingEasy to readOriginal writingAddictiveFast-pacedDarkHeartbreaking
Thumbs Up“A fast pace read. Wasn't a huge fan of the story plot with the beach and sharks but I don't not finish a book. Was really suspenseful 3/4 the way though. The ending was very predictable.”
Characters change and growSuspensefulSelf-harmSexual assaultViolence
Surprised Face with Open Mouth“The was an easy read and addicting. Very steamy and dark but also an interesting mystery. The characters were frustrating and confusing in their thoughts and behaviors at times but overall a great quick read.”
Reviewed in:Hungarian Horntail
Multi-layered charactersDescriptive writingEasy to readAddictiveFast-pacedSuspensefulDark settingDarkAbuseSexual assault

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