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A Luminous Republic

By Andrés Barba and Dillman, Lisa and White, Edmund
A Luminous Republic by Andrés Barba and Dillman, Lisa and White, Edmund digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

A "captivating" novel from a Spanish literary star about the arrival of feral children to a tropical city in Argentina, and the quest to stop them from pulling the place into chaos (Boston Globe).

San Cristóbal was an unremarkable city—small, newly prosperous, contained by rain forest and river. But then the children arrived.

No one knew where they came from: thirty-two kids, seemingly born of the jungle, speaking an unknown language. At first they scavenged, stealing food and money and absconding to the trees. But their transgressions escalated to violence, and then the city’s own children began defecting to join them. Facing complete collapse, municipal forces embark on a hunt to find the kids before the city falls into irreparable chaos.

Narrated by the social worker who led the hunt, A Luminous Republic is a suspenseful, anguished fable that “could be read as Lord of the Flies seen from the other side, but that would rob Barba of the profound originality of his world” (Juan Gabriel Vásquez).

"Wholly compelling.” —Colm Tóibín

10 Reviews

Surprised Face with Open Mouth“What a captivating piece of writing! I didn't expect the report-like storytelling but it fit the content very well. From the first line, you know tragedy is ensuing and you're waiting to find out how it takes place. I think what I find most interesting about the story is how Barba lets the narrator always drop statements about crucial happenings that only take place later down the timeline and manages to not take away from the suspense and shock when these things actually happen. Even though the ending is teased in the first line, he keeps stunning twists for the last two chapters and I feel - apart from the way the twists left me a bit speechless contentwise - this properly gratifies the readers after following the arc of suspense.”
Reviewed in:Weird and Wild
Multi-layered charactersDescriptive writingSuspensefulRealistic settingThought-provoking
Thinking Face“I finished this book in a day, well, an evening! It felt like it was non-fiction. The writing was so compelling & believable, & although you know tragedy is coming from the first couple of chapters, you've no idea how or why. A quick, tense, heartbreaking read.”
Reviewed in:Weird and Wild
Believable charactersMulti-layered charactersDescriptive writingEasy to readOriginal writingSuspensefulUnpredictableImmersive settingRealistic settingDark
Thinking Face
Reviewed in:Weird and Wild
Multi-layered charactersBeautifully writtenAddictiveRealistic settingDarkHeartbreakingThought-provokingViolence
Surprised Face with Open Mouth
Reviewed in:Weird and Wild
Believable charactersBeautifully writtenSuspensefulThought-provoking
Slightly Smiling Face
Reviewed in:Weird and Wild
Likable charactersMulti-layered charactersBeautifully writtenDescriptive writingAddictiveRealistic settingThought-provoking

About Andrés Barba

ANDRÉS BARBA is the award-winning author of numerous books, including Such Small Hands and The Right Intention. He was one of Granta’s Best Young Spanish novelists and received the Premio Herralde for Luminous Republic, which will be translated into twenty languages.

Dillman, Lisa

LISA DILLMAN translates from Spanish and Catalan and teaches in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Emory University. Some of her recent translations include Signs Preceding the End of the World, by Yuri Herrera, which won the 2016 Best Translated Book Award; Such Small Hands and Rain Over Madrid, by Andrés Barba; Monastery, co-translated with Daniel Hahn, by Eduardo Halfon; and Salting the Wound, by Víctor del Árbol.

White, Edmund

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