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A Dowry of Blood

By S. T. Gibson
A Dowry of Blood by S. T. Gibson digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

This sensational novel tells the darkly seductive tale of Dracula's first bride, Constanta.

This is my last love letter to you, though some would call it a confession. . .

Saved from the brink of death by a mysterious stranger, Constanta is transformed from a medieval peasant into a bride fit for an undying king. But when Dracula draws a cunning aristocrat and a starving artist into his web of passion and deceit, Constanta realizes that her beloved is capable of terrible things.

Finding comfort in the arms of her rival consorts, she begins to unravel their husband's dark secrets. With the lives of everyone she loves on the line, Constanta will have to choose between her own freedom and her love for her husband. But bonds forged by blood can only be broken by death.

"A dizzying nightmare of a romance that will leave you aching, angry and ultimately hopeful." --Hannah Whitten, New York Times bestselling author of For the Wolf

440 Reviews

Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes“WOW! Just wow! I loved the way it was written! I never thought I could relate more with a character, let alone a vampire hundreds of years old 🤣 but Constanta was me and I was Constanta 🔥”
Reviewed in:Fantasy Escape
Likable charactersOriginal charactersBeautifully writtenFloweryLyricalPoeticAddictiveFast-pacedDark settingAngsty
Anxious Face with sweat“A haunting take on a classic. The writing is gothic and romantic.”
Characters change and growLikable charactersBeautifully writtenPoeticRomanticTragicHauntingHeartbreakingAbuse
Surprised Face with Open Mouth“Short and to the point. It was easy for this novel to keep my interest. However by the end it felt like “okay we’ve done this before” I wish there were more interactions between the spouses. I settled on 4.5 because the writing was beautiful.”
Multi-layered charactersBeautifully writtenPoeticSeriousSexual assaultViolence
Thumbs Up“constanta is so slay. pretty writing, the plot was so-so but I loved the hea for our trio”
Beautifully writtenLyricalSeriousAbuse
Thinking Face“The writing was exceptional and the second-person narrative was a unique touch that made sense for the story. My main issue with the book was its pacing in the second half. Despite being glad that it was a short read, I found it dragged on. It would have been interesting to see Constanta's transformation from an abused wife to a powerful woman seeking revenge more, including her planning and emotional state leading up to it.”
Diverse charactersBeautifully writtenDark settingAbuseViolenceSlow plotUnengaging characters

About S. T. Gibson

S.T. Gibson is an author, literary agent, and village wise woman in training. She currently lives in Boston with her fiance, spoiled Persian cat, and vintage blazer collection.

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