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By George Orwell
1984 by George Orwell digital book - Fable

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Publisher Description

1984 is a dystopian, political, science-fiction novel depicting a totalitarian government. ‘Inspired’ by the political situation in Russia and Germany, 1984 talks about a repressive regime that places all of its citizens under surveillance. It depicts how politics can manipulate facts to serve its own purposes. It is the year 1984 and the world is at war. Great Britain, now called Airstrip One, has turned totalitarian and oppressive, using the Thought Police to curb individuals from having thoughts against what the regime dictates. Winston Smith is a dutiful citizen and worker for the Party. But it’s all a façade, for all he dreams of is overthrowing the regime. These thoughts are fuelled when a forbidden relationship causes him to recollect memories of life before the Party. But a totalitarian regime implementing mass surveillance isn’t to be taken lightly. Heavy retribution is in store if the Thought Police were to catch wind of his traitorous thoughts. Published in 1949, this spine-chilling classic was George Orwell’s last before his death in 1950. Orwell's descriptions of government’s functioning within a framework of organized totalitarianism quickly shot 1984 into the top-tier of the dystopian fiction genre. Time and again, the real world becomes a mirror of what the book describes instead of what it is intended to be: a model of how governments are not supposed to function.

13240 Reviews

Thinking Face
Multi-layered charactersThought-provoking
Thinking Face“Dystopian world where freedom is slavery. Pretty close to what I expected from what I’ve heard. Did not expect, though, the dark themes and methods by the end. I’m lost on what the story is telling besides that freedom is not really freedom. The sexual desires were off putting; not graphic, just disconnecting and not following the plot. How the re-education went was mouth gaping. The method of the Party controlling the past was astonishing. Mind blowing”
Multi-layered charactersOriginal writingFast-pacedSuspensefulTwistyRealistic settingDarkThought-provokingMisogynyViolence
Surprised Face with Open Mouth
Reviewed in:Arrinconados📚
Diverse charactersEasy to readUnpredictableRealistic setting
Anxious Face with sweat
Multi-layered charactersBeautifully writtenDescriptive writingSuspensefulTwistyDark settingImmersive settingDarkHeartbreakingThought-provoking

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