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What Inspired Your Love of Reading?

The Hobbit
Reading has always been a part of our lives. Recently, there’s been an uptick in readers expressing their love for books and reading online due to many factors--one being the pandemic and the extra time inside it gave people. Seeing more people find their new favorite books and meaning in the words they read is beautiful. One Reddit user asked, ‘Where you were inspired to start reading?’ Their answer followed:

"My grandfather was a writer and worked in the national library, during the time he stayed at home he only read. I was lucky enough to grow up in a house full of books, and there I started to nurture my love for reading, but it's a little surprising that no one else in my family reads, even though we've all been exposed to a wide range of books and magazines."

The post ended with a great question: “How did you start reading? Where were you inspired?”

How I started reading

As long as I can remember, I’ve been a reader and a lover of books. I thought about these questions myself and came up with a few answers. Before I could even write, I remember sitting in my parent’s bed and listening to them tell me their made-up stories. Then we began to write them down in a notebook I still have today. That’s the earliest memory I have of reading and loving stories. Even though the book wasn’t an “official” book that was published and sold to us, it was our own personal creation that meant the world to me. I was raised on stories in my household. As I grew up, I found new genres that only made me want to read more--I began to think that there could be countless undiscovered favorite books that I just had to find. It filled me with a sense of dread, the thought of never getting to experience that new feeling of finding something that transformed me, changed my perspective, and made me fall in love with words all over again.” So I kept reading. I chased that desire to find new favorite books for years, and I still do now.

Stories from readers

So that’s my story. Reddit readers had many varying and fascinating answers that they shared. Here are a few of my favorites.“My mom read aloud to me to me almost every night up through about age 10 or 11. Going through Harry Potter and The Hobbit and then Lord of the Rings with her was what created my love of reading.”Soupjam_Stevens

"My mother watched TV all the time and ridiculed anything I liked, so books were my entertainment and private refuge." ― Oduind

"I’ve loved books since I was a small child. One of my few kindergarten memories is being excited about the weekly class trip to the library." ― Rubberbandballgirl

"I went on a holiday with a girlfriend's family and they all read books so gave it a crack. I have never looked back. Thanks Nicole wherever you are." ― ohleprocy

"As a kid, just because I grew up reading and there were no electronics around. Got really into it in middle school because books were what 'talked' about the things that I couldn't talk to anyone else about." ― jayxxroe22:

"I devoured books from an early age on. My parents were avid readers themselves. They'd always visit the yearly book fair and bring back plenty of books. Reading afternoons were a thing. Everyone had a library card as well. My dad always said "books will take you anywhere in your mind" and i couldn't wait to learn reading. Once i did, he bought me books every month, for 14 years until i moved out. I am very grateful to them, that they instilled this in me." ― Acidinmyfridge

"5th grade. My teacher had a reading corner for people who finished their assignments/tests before everyone else. She had a top shelf full of Goosebumps books and I read one of them. Read the whole shelf probably that year and then got into going to the library in the summers. Stopped reading for fun after about age 20, reading 1 book or so a year until age 32 and now back at it again. Only regret is not reading more in my 20s. I feel it really helps my mental health." ― cricoidpressure25

"My dad. Huge library of his own, and would constantly pass me books saying "hey, you're going to like this," "this is one great, the author does this and that." Gotta call my old man and see what he is reading." ― Sensitive_Counter150

"At first I loved the idea of reading book and the stigma that came with it. Reading a book meaning you’re smart a dreamer intellectual. At first I couldn’t read much I couldn’t afford it and my parents thought it was a waste of time the didn’t like it that I tried to learn stuff by myself. When I started reading (quite late in age) I fell In love with the worlds. The way you life a thousands lives. It’s like you are experiencing it yourself and you are a part of the story. I love to escape the real world." ― Unlucky_Loss_8480

"I had lots of adults around me who were readers and writers. Beyond that I think what really pushed me to learn how to read was all the time spent in the car on southern California freeways and wanting to know what all the road signs and business signs said. I remember distinctly being able to read the RAMADA INN sign on the way home from school one day and my mother being delighted. After that I couldn't get enough." ― retrovertigo23

Start your reading journey today

As you can see, individual experiences when discovering a love of reading may vary. But that’s what makes it so beautiful. Books have a way of bringing people together no matter their circumstances.

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