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Oh, what’s that? You asked me what was my most anticipated read this week?Well, I’d be delighted to tell you. One of my favorite authors, Rosie Danan, released her third book, “Do Your Worst,” recently, and it’s my mission to shout it from every rooftop (digital rooftop, of course). 

Who is Rosie Danan?

Rosie Danan is an award-winning, bestselling author of "The Roommate" and "The Intimacy Experiment." The New York Times describes her work as "warmly funny and gorgeously sexy." Her first book, “The Roommate,” is a deliciously spicy story about two unlikely roommates with an unstoppable attraction. Clara, a prudish socialite, and Josh, an adult film star, are unexpectedly thrust into the small confines of an LA apartment and work together to change the stigma of female desire. It’s hot. It’s kind. It was a perfect read and a film adaptation of The Roommate is currently in development from Anton Studios!I’m so excited that her new book has finally hit shelves. “Do Your Worst” is unlike anything Danan has written. Riley Rhodes, an amateur ghostbuster, is tasked with breaking the curse of an infamous Scottish castle. She expects to do this alone and is pleasantly surprised when she meets a handsome stranger, Clark Edgeware, until she finds out he wants to get her fired. Did someone say enemies to lovers with a supernatural spin? I’m beyond ready to dive into this book. If you like spice and haven’t read Rosie Danan, this is your sign to pick up her book today.

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