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The Benefits of Reading as a Student

Book Recs for College Students
This post goes out to all the burnt-out university students who still want to read for fun but are scared they’ll either: a) fall into/are in a reading slump or b) the book will take up all of their study time because it’s too long to read. I’ve been there, and both a) and b) have happened to me, so I’m here to recommend a few books that will help you with the awful curse that are reading slumps but that won’t take away from your study time.I’m sure you’ve all been told before to “take breaks” when you’re studying, and while I’ll admit that I’m the kind of person who typically ignores this advice (I know, it’s terrible), reading is actually what helped me heed this advice and take those breaks. Especially with having Fable on my phone, which I carry everywhere I go, I no longer have an excuse for not taking breaks. After studying for a set amount of time, I’ll usually take out my book (if I remember to bring it) or open Fable and start reading a few pages before returning to work. Now, I know many of us will have the urge to open social media instead of reading a few pages, but trust me when I say that reading will be more beneficial to you and your studies than scrolling. 

Some Benefits of Reading Instead of Scrolling

You know when you’ve been studying for hours and suddenly get so overwhelmed with everything that your brain just kind of feels… clogged? And it feels like nothing productive can be done when you’re in that state? Trust me, I relate. This is where reading a few pages of a good, non-school-related book comes into play. Yes, scrolling on social media can be decompressing… but odds are you’ll end up scrolling for much longer, right? So instead of opening a social media app, try opening Fable - or opening up a book - and read a few pages instead. Reading in between tasks can help you wind down and enjoy some time for yourself away from the stress of your studies and also help clear your mind. And, of course, a clear mind will help do quality work. So, reading a book for fun, even though you’re in an exam week crunch, can be beneficial in the long run. With all that being said, here are a few book recommendations that had helped me, as well as other college graduates here at Fable, when we needed to get out of a reading slump or just really wanted to read something other than Shakespeare and textbooks. 
For the student looking for swoons and giggles:
It Happened One Summer by Tessa BaileyThe Love Wager by Lynn PainterHoney Girls by Morgan RogersThese books will have you cackling, swooning, hearts melting, lungs lacking air, and feet kicking in the air. The romance will keep you invested in the book without getting too invested to the point where you want to ditch that final paper you were writing. They’ve also got a good plot so that you can enjoy the romance and the message behind the words. 
For the student looking for a little thrill and intrigue:
Cursed Bunny by Bora ChungA Good Girl’s Guide to MurderThe Perfect Marriage by Jeneva RoseThese books will keep you on the edge of your seat, wanting to know what comes next. After you finish reading a chapter and head back to your studying, you’ll look forward to your next study break to get back into the mysteries of these stories. 
For the student looking to return to the simplicity of childhood:
Coraline by Neil GaimanFlipped by Wendelin Van DraanenHowl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne JonesI’ll be honest, these are my childhood classics… but hopefully, they’re some of yours too! Sometimes, reading something familiar is exactly what you need to get out of a slump or avoid it altogether. Not only do you get the comfort of the familiar, but you won’t be overly absorbed by the story to the point that you’ll forget your responsibilities (we’ve all been there)

Some general advice from one bookworm student to another

If you’re stuck in a reading slump because of school, don’t feel too discouraged - it happens to the best of us. Try different things: re-read an old favorite, try audiobooks, try reading on your phone on Fable instead of scrolling on social media, and maybe even try reading manga/graphic novels instead of novels! Manga has been such a lifesaver for me. Whenever I felt a bad reading slump coming on, I would read a few volumes of my favorite manga series. While I know these are not for everyone, if you haven’t given them a shot yet, I strongly recommend you do.I wish you all the best with your studies, wherever you are. Make sure to drink lots of water, eat good food, take walks outside to move your body, and please remember to take breaks! Fable will be there for you whenever you need a few minutes away from reality. 

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