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The Benefits of Journal Writing

Reading Journal
From legal pads to felt-covered diaries to my current stack of Moleskine notebooks, I’ve kept a journal for almost as long as I’ve known how to write. Looking back at these different notebooks (now stored in boxes under my bed), each completely mundane page is priceless. They help me process my day-to-day anxieties and rediscover lost moments from my life. Read about my journal writing practice on my Fable For You feed.

How journal writing can improve your life

Journal writing has a host of benefits for your physical and mental wellness. There are hundreds of studies and articles about the improvements journaling can bring to your life. I've rounded up a few of my favorites.1- Writing about your day can help reduce stress and anxiety. (Healthline) 2- Diary keeping can amplify your emotional intelligence, a crucial skill in both work and life. (University of St. Augustine) 3- Keeping a journal can strengthen your immune system and literally help you heal! (American Psychological Association)4- It can make you more mindful and improve your memory. (New York Times)5- Journaling can break the cycle of brooding or doom-scrolling about a problem. (WebMD)

Fable readers share their journal practice

Best of all, I found tons of fellow journal-writers on Fable. When I wrote about this on my home feed, I received scores of inspiring messages!"I started journaling 7 years ago and I always keep 2 journals at a time. One for introspective writing and the other for creative writing."-- Ananda"I keep a writing journal. I write all sorts of things in it though. I try to get anything out of my head to clear the way for my story."-- Buffy"I have a reading journal that I update every time I finish a book and keep track of monthly and yearly reading goals. I find it therapeutic and I enjoy having my thoughts all in one spot."-- Lexiii"I bullet journal for life admin and memory keeping, and have another journal for morning pages, and a book journal ^_^ I'm a fountain pen addict, and I LOVE shimmer inks - or, as I call them, grown-up glitter pens." -- Libra Incarnate

Why Virginia Woolf kept a journal

The great Virginia Woolf was a famous diary-keeper and wrote a note to her future self (it’s bittersweet, knowing the sad end of her too-short life) in her journal. I look back at my own notebooks like she did, with a mix of hope and laughter at this younger version of me: “I fancy old Virginia, putting on her spectacles to read of March 1920 will decidedly wish me to continue. Greetings! my dear ghost; and take heed that I don’t think 50 a very great age. Several good books can be written still; and here’s the bricks for a fine one.”Fable reader Paige has given me a bit of extra inspiration lately, sharing photos from her reading journal—a beautiful place to track the many books she’s read recently. I’ll tag her in the comments so you can see photos of her book journal!I’m trying my own lo-fi version of this at home, so hopefully, old Jason can look back at all the books I read together with my friends on Fable.

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