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Should You Pretend To Love Your Significant Other’s Favorite Book?

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When I finished reading R. F. Kuang's “Babel” this week, I was dying to discuss all the big ideas and drama packed into that epic book. My wife and I had a great conversation about how the novel wrestled with colonialism’s terrible impact and the power of translation. But we didn’t talk about the book’s magic system or fantasy tropes. My wife made it clear that she didn’t like fantasy novels very early in our relationship. And that’s totally fine!We read books together all the time, just not fantasy. I’m super glad I have the Scifi/Fantasy Book Club, where I can get into the weeds with other fans about how “Babel” intertwined its magic system with a timely critique of Empire. I would never want my wife to lie and said she loved reading fantasy books with me.
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The Reddit thread that started it all

Why do I bring this all up? Because on Reddit recently, readers were arguing about this exact question: “Would you lie to your partner about liking their favorite series?The original poster shared that their wife wanted them to read her favorite series, but they found it to be shockingly bad. The comments were filled with various opinions on how to handle this situation, including being honest, finding a middle ground, or offering a polite explanation.

"Recently she wanted me to read her favorite series. She is so excited I am finally reading it. I am nearly done with the first book and it might literally be the worst written book I've ever read in my life. Like it is SHOCKINGLY bad."-- NurplePain

That question sparked a sprawling debate about lying to avoid hurting your significant other’s literary feelings. Readers offered all sorts of advice, including being honest, finding a middle ground, or offering a polite explanation.One reader even thought it depended on how many books you disagree on with your partner!

"If it were one book, I might just lie. If it's a series, I'm going to be kindly honest. Because I'm not wasting my time reading a series I hate. I'd just say sorry, I can't really get into it."-- Past-Wrangler9513

Even if your partner doesn’t like your favorite book, you can still find common ground for discussions, just like how my wife was happy to talk about translation and colonialism. Relationships aren’t about being exactly the same. It’s all about appreciating your significant other’s perspective.Many Redditors emphasized the significance of open communication and honesty in a relationship. Some suggested using phrases like "not my cup of tea" or "it didn't appeal to me" rather than outright saying it was terrible.

"Are y'all adults who communicate? If you are, just tell her it wasn't for you."-- nakedreader_ga

Navigating the world of shared interests and varied tastes is what relationships are all about. I don't think lying will help anybody in a relationship. Embracing our literary differences can make any bookish partnership stronger.

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