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Reading with ADHD

Reading with ADHD
The Fable community is a warm and supportive group, and I'm always amazed by the collective wisdom of our members. When Fable reader Beanie wrote about their own reading journey with ADHD, we collected some great advice from our community. Millions of readers around the globe cope with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). According to the Attention Deficit Disorder Association, research has shown that about 6.7% of adults globally have been affected by ADHD.
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Fable readers share advice

"I needed to gamify my reading to get back into it after 8 years of only reading for my studies. I do challenges, daily/monthly goals and tracking etc. Besides that I work with my ADD instead of against it - I follow my mood and always read more than 1 books at a time so I can change it up if my brain starts to feel bored."— Helena"I’m on ADHD medication but personally I like to read outside in silence. There are less distractions and I’m forced to sit up so it helps me to stay focused longer. I also set goals because I like reaching said goal."— Pachyfaeria"audiobooks on 2.5x speed + concentrating on the text at the same time AND reading like 6-7 books at a time because when i feel like reading but get bored of one i always can just switch to another 😇"— Valeria"Shorter chapters for the win, each time I reach a new one I get a little dopamine boost."— EmmieIf I’m reading a physical/e-book, I play either my favorite playlist or the playlist I made specifically for ADHD brains (I saw somewhere that songs ~154 BPM help ADHD brains focus better). Reading on dark mode on the Kindle with a larger font (and sometimes OpenDyslexic font) helps a ton also.— HushedEarth

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