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How To Start a Reading Journal

Reading Journal Examples
Recently, I started a book journal to avoid forgetting my reading journeys.Every night, I fill a blank page with my thoughts that surface while reading, recording everything from music recommendations to writing snippets to quotes I want to share with my friends. I'm not artistic, but people like Instagram creator HayleyoftheShire have created beautiful reading journal layouts (like the one above). So, I recommend starting a book journal to record your thoughts while reading. Your future self will thank you.

Book journal advice from Fable readers

A reading journal can be as bare bones as my one-page-a-night strategy or as complicated as the gorgeously printed pages these more artistic Fable readers create. Jess: “What always works for me is some kind of motivation tool (mine is my reading journal; I love it when I finish a book and I get to create an entire spread for it in my journal) other things that motivate me are audiobooks, reading challenges, and reading smaller/quick books to make me get back into the habit.”Bookworm82: “I enjoy having a little fun: book bingo, book cover rainbows, first line of the book (w/o the title to see if I can remember the book), days I read, what titles I read each month. I used YouTube a lot when I set mine up. I think I searched "reading journals" and the year. There are so many good ideas; just find what works for you.”Lexiii: “I have a reading journal that I update every time I finish a book and keep track of monthly and yearly reading goals. I find it therapeutic and I enjoy having my thoughts all in one spot.”And finally, it’s good to remember that many people use Fable as a digital reading journal, like James: “I did have a reading journal bought for me last Christmas which was used for a little bit but now without really thinking about it this app has become my log book so that’s a bonus!”

How journal writing can improve your life

Keeping a reading journal has a host of benefits for your physical and mental wellness. There are hundreds of studies and articles about the improvements journaling can bring to your life. I've rounded up a few of my favorites.1- Writing about your day can help reduce stress and anxiety. (Healthline) 2- Diary keeping can amplify your emotional intelligence, a crucial skill in both work and life. (University of St. Augustine) 3- Keeping a journal can strengthen your immune system and literally help you heal! (American Psychological Association)4- It can make you more mindful and improve your memory. (New York Times)5- Journaling can break the cycle of brooding or doom-scrolling about a problem. (WebMD)

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