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How To Make Time To Read

How do you make time to read?
As I get older, busier, and more digitally distracted, my life has become a constant battle to reclaim time for reading and writing. I’ve learned how to squeeze out every extra minute of reading and writing time from my life, from adding audiobooks to my dog walks to bringing my notebook to my son’s soccer practice. "Are you reading books and learning something new each day? Tiny battles like these are the ones that will define your future self," James Clear asks us in "Atomic Habits."So I totally appreciated Laura’s recent question for the Fable community: “What do you do if you have work or school but still want to draw and read for a big amount of time?”Add your advice in the comments section! I’ve collected a few of my favorite responses to Laura’s all-important question.

Add more formats to your reading life

“I like to listen to audiobooks while I do chores like washing dishes or folding laundry.” — Charity Klassen "It's all about priorities and balance -- living a life that is valuable to you. For me it means not really watching much TV so I can use that time to do other, more creative things."— Michele Celeste Garcia"I always have an audiobook for doing chores or walking to work. Often have an ebook on my phone for when I find myself randomly bookless and with time on my hands. There's a book in my bathroom for when I have to take a while or I'm having a bath. So basically, I always have a million books spread around everywhere so there's almost always something close at hand when I need it. And that's how I fit my reading in."— Layne Percival

Limit social media & TV time

"I always tell my friends, ‘you have time to read you just don't have time to maintain all that screen time.... AND read.’ It's imperative people separate from their internets and jump back into books." — Elvi Henley "This tip won't work for everyone but if you're already watching a ton of tv, yoitube, or tiktok, just try to replace some of that time with reading or audiobooks, even just 30 minutes." — Lee

Schedule time for reading

"I read on my breaks at work (30 min). which usually launches me into wanting to read when I get home at 3am and that'll be enough of a cool down after working the bar to help me fall asleep. unless I can't put the book down."— Casey Michalla"Most of my work involves a lot of reading, but I still like to make time for leisure reading. I think reading in the morning before getting out of bed and reading at night before going to sleep is an easy way to start."— Kenlie T“I'm one of the weird people who likes doing creative things first thing in the morning!” — Aja Wisser

Try an e-reader or the Fable app!

"I usually keep my eReader in my bag as it makes me more inclined to read. I take public transit to work, which gives me about 20 minutes of uninterrupted time to read. Plus, I will usually try and read during my breaks at work."— BerlinS"I read on my phone, so that urge to scroll becomes an urge to read!"— Addie Muller

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